Cloud11 Debuts Handcrafted Cannabis Confections

This fall, gastronomy meets cannabis with the launch of Cloud11 in Los Angeles. Founded by chef and entrepreneur Nicholas Pritzker, Cloud11 was born out of a vision to combine haute confectionery with the current advancements in cannabis infusion technology. Pritzker partnered with Eleven Madison Park alum, Chef Manuela Sanin, to create a newfound edible experience that marries creative passion, culinary excellence and sophistication. 

“My background in the world of food and wine taught me the importance of crafting beautiful experiences,” said Nicholas Pritzker, Founder of Cloud11. “While cannabis is often used to elevate other experiences, I wanted to elevate the experience of cannabis itself.” 

Butterfly Black Sesame and Yuzu

Cloud11 enters the market with three debut dessert offerings: Salted Peanut – an elevated take on the classic peanut butter cup featuring a silken, creamy peanut butter ganache and sea salt from Amagansett Sea Salt Co; Strawberry Pink Peppercorn – a creamy and complex flavor profile made with strawberries from Southern California institution Harry’s Berries; and Black Sesame Yuzu – comprised of the toasty nuttiness of Wadaman sesame paste sourced directly from Japan with the fresh and vibrant sharpness of yuzu. 

Roasted Peanut and Sea Salt

“I believe ingredients should be allowed to speak for themselves,”  said Chef Manuela Sanin, Head Chef of Cloud11. “I wanted to work with flavors that are delicious on their own, but, when combined with each other and cannabis, set the stage for an experience that is greater than the sum of its parts,”

Each chocolate is available with 2mg THC & 2mg CBD or 4mg THC & 4mg CBD. Unlike other microdosed cannabis products, each chocolate is large enough to be savored. Pritzker and Sanin specifically chose to prioritize precise control and consistency during the cannabis infusion process, and made Cloud11’s confections deliberately low-dose to create a tailored sensory experience that is comfortable for every consumer regardless of previous cannabis experience or background. 

Strawberry and Pink Peppercorn

“I’ve had some of my best experiences and worst experiences with edibles. I’ve found that it all comes down to finding the right dose for you, and then feeling confident that the product is consistent. I wanted to create something that gives people that opportunity and allows them to luxuriate in that process,” added Pritzker.

Cloud11 was designed to create a sensorial journey across all touchpoints. The unveiling experience was crafted for the consumer to be fully-immersed in the brand’s world. Each eleven-sided tin is wrapped in artwork commissioned from Bay Area artist, Rachelle Reichert, featuring a graphite drawing of cloud formations captured by space satellites. The tins are thoughtfully presented in a centerpiece-worthy tactile embossed sleeve. These layers of materiality bring together different elements of craftsmanship that work in unison to complement the precious hand-painted confections inside.

Cloud11 is currently available via white glove delivery exclusively in Los Angeles at A Cloud11 concierge trained by a former Captain at Eleven Madison Park will courier Cloud11 orders directly to consumers from Cloud11’s culinary studio in Culver City’s Arts District. Each flavor is available in 11-piece tins with two dosage options, 2mg THC/2mg CBD or 4mg THC/4mg CBD. Single tins feature one flavor in one dosage and retails for $90. Double tins can combine two flavors and dosages, and retails for $170.