CBD Moon Milk

Words by Alison Wu

As you may (or may not) have noticed, cannabinol (CBD) is majorly trending in the wellness space as of late. It’s prized for its anti-inflammatory properties and acting as a natural pain reliever, as well as helping with anxiety and depression. The thing about CBD is that because cannabis is still illegal in most places there is not much clinical research out there on its actual benefits.

I started taking CBD in early November (2017). I’ve been taking it pretty consistently since then (except for a 10-day break when I was in Mexico), and I’ve noticed changes in my stress/anxiety levels, joint inflammation and my sleep. When I’m taking CBD, I sleep way more soundly. Falling asleep is a breeze, and once I’m sleeping it’s a very deep sleep. I’ve also noticed my body reacts less to stress. I love using CBD as a way to wind down from my day or when I’m feeling overly nervous, anxious or stressed out. Lastly, I’ve struggled with joint pain and inflammation for years since an 8-day stint in the hospital with a systemic joint infection in 2011 that left me unable to walk for a month. I’ve noticed that when taking CBD, my knees don’t bother me as much from day to day, as well as in my Barre3, yoga or Backbody Project classes.

I mainly use the oil in my daily matcha potion or my evening Moon Milk. I’ve also been hearing amazing things about CBD bath products, so I’m dreaming of a cannabis-inspired bath in my near future. From nut milk to infused honey to face and body lotion, CBD is in everything these days. I’ve rounded up some of the best products out there based on recommendations from trusted sources and products that are on my list to try. It seems like there is a product out there for everyone.

Product Round-Up:
[NOTE: I have NOT tried all of these products. These are recommendations based on products I’ve read reviews on, have been recommended by trusted sources and friends and products I’m interested in trying.]

Luce Farm CBD Honey – Vermont honey infused with the good stuff. One of my favorite brands for CBD products.

Upstate Elevator Supply Co. – This whole line. They even have dog treats! This is my other favorite CBD brand. Highly recommend the CBD MCT oil.

Cosmic View CBD Tincture – Be sure to choose a non-pyschoactive option unless you want to get high.

CW’s Everyday Advanced Hemp Oil – Great oil to take as a daily supplement. Would work great in coffee or matcha.

Wildflower CBD+ Capsules – Capsule form makes it easy to take and easy to travel with.

Wildflower CBD Vaporizer for Immunity and for Aches – Blended with essential oils for refreshing, great tasting vape pen.

The Alchemist’s Kitchen Concentrated CBD Oil – Highly concentrated.

Modern Medicinals CBD Oil – If you’re local to Oregon. Support local business and growers.

Apothecanna Extra Strength Body Creme – Great for sore muscles or distressed skin.

Kana CBD Sleeping Mask – This sounds heavenly. I really want to try it…

Wunder Workshop Turmeric CBD – A double dose of anti-inflammatories.

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