The VapeXhale Evo: Evolving Your At Home Experience


The future of cannabis is here.   Long gone are the days of college dorm smoke out sessions with your father’s bong. Today cannabis users have technology on their side.  We here at MARY had the opportunity to experience the VapeXhale EVO Desktop Vaporizer.

When it comes to aesthetics, The VapeXhale EVO is sleek, sexy and modern. It comes with the VapeXhale EVO desktop unit and a standard mouthpiece. I was given an additional HydraTube, which I preferred over the standard mouthpiece. There is an on/off switch and the temperature is operated by a radial dial. The unit heats up in a little over two minutes, which gives me plenty of time to prep my herb or concentrate. It also has a 30-minute shut-off feature that allowed me to keep the unit plugged in without the risk of overheating.

What makes this particular desktop vaporizer like a water bong? The combination of the vapor and the water in the additional HydraTube gave this unit extra moisture conditioning for my
 throat, which is unlike most desktop vaporizers out on the market. In my experience, vaporizers in general can be too harsh on my throat.

So why is this a more modern and healthy alternative to your father’s bong? No need to air out your apartment in the freezing dead of winter or worry about the apartment next door complaining of the smell. You can use as much cannabis as you want in a discreet way. Also, The VapeXhale EVO uses a ceramic heating element and a patent pending PerpetuHeat Thermal Technology System. The vapor path doesn’t pass through any foul plastics or electronics because the vapor goes through a glass tube that runs from the bottom to the top of the device. This allowed me to inhale 100% superb flavorful herb without that burnt tar taste. After a slight learning curve, I was pulling smooth, perfect and pure flavors of my favorite Sativa strain straight from the chamber.

What I also enjoyed about the technology of this particular desktop vaporizer was that it’s heat came straight from its technology and a power cord. No butane or blowtorches needed.

Why desktop versus a portable vaporizer? Of course a VapeXhale EVO is an investment piece on it’s own. Its function is to stay at home, just like a water bong but it’s much more easy on your lungs than your regular bong and it also hits fives times harder than any portable vaporizer.

There is only one minor thing I would have liked to see differently. As there were seven of us using the VapeXhale EVO with traditional herb, we had to repack the herb baskets a couple of times. Because the heat of the unit, we had to allow time for the two baskets to cool off before we refilled them. The two baskets aren’t enough for that many people. But all in all, it is an excellent desktop vaporizer. Just remember to take off the red plastic pieces before use.

The Standard Starter Kit includes one desktop VapeXhale EVO™, one standard mouthpiece, two herb baskets, two VapeXNails™, one VapeXHeat™ Shield, one Power Cord and a VapeXhale 3 Year Limited Warranty. We also received one Hydratube which was the Mini HoneyComb. 
$350 for the standard EVO and 
$150 for the additional HyrdaTube.