CannaCamp: America’s First Cannabis Resort

America welcomes its first-ever cannabis resort as CannaCamp has opened its doors as a ”Bud and Breakfast” retreat. Nestled in the mountains of Durango, Colorado, the 170-acre camp has a mission statement “to create an unprecedented opportunity for cannabis users to experience the outdoors in a safe, comfortable, and social environment.” Vacationers lodge in one of the camp’s nine luxurious cabins that can accommodate up to 40 guests and can participate in a slew of organized cannabis activities ”that highlight adventure, wellness, and cannabis,” including THC Fusion cooking lessons, painting, cannabis yoga, cannabis-infused massage therapy, glass-blowing demonstrations, “Wake+Bake Breakfast” and “4:20 Community Hour,” the resort’s version of a happy hour. Other outdoor activities include hiking, zip lining and mountain biking. The all-inclusive resort has rates that begin at $395 USD per person per night, and provides everything except for marijuana itself, save for the all-day fine dining that offers high-end culinary dishes with specific weed strain pairing recommendations for each meal.