Introducing OLO Sublingual Strips

Sublingual strips are a great way to enjoy cannabis in a way that avoids smoking or vaping but by placing the strip under your tongue and letting it dissolve, similar to how you would use a tincture. Last summer, we came across OLO and began using their strips before workouts, getting work done and taking a few “Chill” prior to boarding planes to ease the anxiousness of long flights.

OLO offers cannabis experiences through the considered application of biochemistry and neuroscience.

Their triple-tested sublingual strips which are used by being placed under the tongue are made with a proprietary blend of cannabis extracts in their licensed, state-of-the-art facility in Richmond, CA, each dosed at 5 or 10 mg—the perfect amount to micro-dose or have a more casual experience. OLO take effect in 10 to 15 minutes or less. This is because, unlike an edible which gets absorbed through the unpredictable gastrointestinal tract, the strip dissolves under your tongue so it’s absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the mouth’s mucous membrane.

The OLO team set out to redefine the cannabis experience. To them, cannabis can be inspiring, it can be expressive, it can be creative, and they wanted to offer all of that in a way that was simple and easy to enjoy. Each of their cannabis-infused sublingual strips offers its own distinct experience.

The Four Experiences

ACTIVE can give a pleasant boost to a day hike, a trip to the museum, or enduring the advanced spin class your friend dragged you to.

SOCIAL can enliven dinner parties, board game night, or attending your high school reunion.

FOCUS is the perfect complement for making music, a new online class, or tackling last year’s Christmas lights.

CHILL brings another layer of calm to morning yoga classes, a long flight, a relaxing massage, or hanging out with the in-laws.


Here’s to taking control of your experiences and exploring what works best for you and your needs.