Stash Boxes – Donald Darling

To be honest, this is my first stash box, ever. I’ve always lived by myself and had a cabinet or drawer or (in one case) a trunk dedicated to keeping my stash. That changed this year and with someone else in the house, it just made sense.

It was so random how the box came to me. My girlfriend got a box of wine or something from one of her clients and it came in this nice wooden box. After we drank the wine, we were trying to figure out what to do with the box and from that came the creation of my first stash box.

It had branding for this company all over it so I had to cover that up. You’ll see duct tape and stickers all over it. The goal is to fully cover it over the next few months.

Typically, I like to keep a few strains of flower in my stash box, which can be seen those in small mason jars. I choose to keep them in mason jars because I feel like it preserves the bud better in addition there are organic Raw Papers and RAW cone tips.

I like to collect glass from wherever I can while traveling. There are times, I don’t feel like rolling a joint, so I’ll hit my bowl. The bowl that you see is one that I got on one of my last trips to Jamaica.

I have a wooden grinder and a metal one. I use either depending on how I’m feeling at the time. There’s always a lighter with some hemp wick wrapped around it (trying to keep the experience as organic as possible). Then there’s my mini-rolling tray. I love this thing. I bought it because it was so colorful and compact. Lastly there’s my RAW Level 5 joint holder. I usually pull that out the box when my homies come over for a sesh. It makes for great stories and conversation…

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