Kin Slips Introduces Flowerful New Strips With California Artists

KIN SLIPS has introduced four new strain-specific sublingual strips each with corresponding custom packaging artwork by local artists: Chonto, Poppy Dodge, Miriam Hitchcock, and Sasha Vu. Flowerful is a smokeless product delivering a true strain-specific experience by combining the highest quality, full-spectrum, live resin extracts with their cutting-edge sublingual technology to create a fast-acting, single-strain experience in a surprisingly potent little slip. 

Strains derive their power from their complexity, that’s why we leave them as nature intended. Kin Slips has scoured the state to find extracts that faithfully capture the essence of our favorite cannabis strains to create Flowerful. They start with a terpene-rich resin pulled directly from cannabis flowers and amplify it with potent Liquid-Diamonds to ensure a precise dosage. 

Forbidden Zkittles – An intricate cross of Forbidden Fruit, Mendo Royal, and California Black Rosé. Artist Profile: CHONTO – @Chondon AKA Chonnessey Bowie is an abstract expressionist artist based in Oakland, California focused on expressing things of relevance and important historical events.

Sour Berry – A cerebral, in-a-chill-way cross of Sour Diesel and Blueberry. Artist Profile: POPPY DODGE  – A self-proclaimed color maximalist who delights in creating harmony and balance using all the colors. Poppy’s work explores her obsession with stacking colors/shapes & is influenced by modern quilting and abstract collage.

Wedding Cake – A relaxing and carefree high, Wedding Cake is a cross of Animal Mints and Triangle Kush. Artist Profile: MIRIAM HITCHCOCK – Born in San Francisco and raised on the peninsula, Miriam makes paintings, drawings, and experimental short films from her studio in Santa Cruz, California.

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