A Rose Grows Amongst Cannabis Leaves

Rosebud CBD is a name we’ve come very familiar with over the last year and rightfully so. The brands tinctures first made its way to us for our 30-Day CBD Challenge we hosted on Instagram and ever since, Alexis and her brand have been become one we refer to friends and family in needs of a trusted brand with quality ingredients. We spoke with founder of Rosebud CBD, Alexis Rosenbaum on what drove her to launch the brand, their new look and more.

Rosebud CBD founder, Alexis Rosenbaum

Talk to us about your relationship with cannabis and what brought about your calling to launch the Rosebud CBD brand?

I didn’t start consuming until my 29th birthday when my sister suggested I give it a try for general anxiety and to help me turn off my mind. Before this I had been totally against cannabis and anything to do with cannabis my entire life. D.A.R.E had me scared that I would ruin my life if I ever consumed cannabis. I even pushed away family and friends who consumed. That all changed after my 29th birthday though.

Almost immediately I saw drastic changes in my mental health, my overall wellbeing, and my ability to disconnect and relax. Knowing the life changes cannabis made on my life and the lack of quality CBD brands on the market pushed me to launch Rosebud CBD in 2018.

What’s behind the name “Rosebud”?

When I was conceptualizing Rosebud, I kept coming back to the way cannabis and CBD made me feel. I wanted the brand to convey a sense of change that was coming and an opportunity to return to your natural self.

Several life changes had happened in my life around the same time I was thinking of Rosebud and all of those moments included roses. When I was struggling or celebrating, roses always made an appearance and they made me feel good— cannabis does the same.

The two felt like a natural fit and the more research I did, the more I learned of their symmetry. Both cannabis and roses are dicotyledons, a flowering plant with an embryo that bears two embryonic leaves. Roses thrive in the sunlight and grow in clusters, just like cannabis.

What sets Rosebud CBD apart from other brands in the market?

We are single source, meaning we work directly with one farm. The Oregon farm manages the plant from seed to bottle; planting, growing, caring, harvesting, extracting, and bottling. That makes us the second person to touch our product, reducing any room for error in our quality and purity.

The farm and lead growers we work with are doing something really special on their land. They have over 30 years of organic farming experience and are biodynamic. Not a thing is sprayed on the plants – no pesticides, herbicides, and no solvents, fillers, flavorings, sweeteners, or preservatives.

At Rosebud, we want to create a safe space where anyone at any point of their interest or consumption can feel welcome. We work hard to have a straightforward and digestible tone, to always share important information and education, and to direct our customer the best way we can.

Talk to us about the 3 potency levels and why you chose to go with those amount of milligrams and its effect on our bodies?

We have three different strengths in our full spectrum hemp extract: 350mg, 700mg and 1000mg CBD offered in 15ml (0.5 oz) bottles. Our tinctures are cannabinoid rich full spectrum making every drop of oil a concentrated dose.

We formulated our potencies to offer our customers the opportunity to fully customize their ever changing health and wellness needs. Some of our customers like to use just one strength while others enjoy having all three for different purposes.

You recently celebrated your one-year mark for Rosebud CBD and underwent a brand refresh. What will be new that we can expect from the brand?

Our one year celebration was incredible! The brand refresh was necessary and we felt our one year was a great time to relaunch.

We’re focused on immersive and interactive in-person events, strategic partnerships and collaborations, and diversifying our product line. If you follow us on social or join our newsletter you can expect more education and lifestyle content.

Your product is used to manage stress and anxiety, what are some of your personal things to do in addition to cope?

I have been anxious, overwhelmed, and operating at a million miles a second since the day I was a child. I have been to therapy for years, journaled, and had been on medications. I’ve worked really hard to get to where I am, and I still have a long way to go. For that, I am really thankful for cannabis and CBD – they serve as a guide to maintaining stress and anxiety.

I eat a pretty clean diet filled with veggies, eggs, meat and nearly no dairy. I keep my caffeine intake to either one espresso or tea a day, I have a strict bedtime schedule of 9pm and have implemented a no phone policy in the bedroom over the last year. I work out at least three times a week and make sure I get out outside either to sit or go for a long walk almost daily. I have really strict boundaries with my schedule.

Recently I have been traveling somewhere for an event or to meet up with other small business owners for a weekend co-work monthly and this has been a huge game changer for me. A change of scenery, an opportunity to learn something new in a new place, and a chance to get re-inspired.

With all of that and even with CBD, stress is a part of life. I have learned to implement a routine with boundaries that helps me keep it in control (most of the time).

Living in the state of New Jersey, how do you see Rosebud playing a role in helping to change legalization?

We serve to normalize the conversation and create a safe space for anyone who is interested no matter what stage of consumption or lack thereof. We have plans for events and activations, give back campaigns, and opening up our platform to share real life stories of people who have benefited from the use of and those who have suffered from the criminalization of cannabis.

Your catalog is currently tinctures, are there interests to dive into other categories?

Oh yes! Part of our struggle in product expansion is wanting to stay single source and to not jeopardize the quality of any product we roll out. So we are taking our time to formulate and work with the right partners to help us deliver a product we are totally satisfied with.