Cannabis Strains for the Fall Season

Words by Gracie Evans / Photography by Sydney Montoya

Fall is the season to enjoy some delicious harvest. It’s also the time when you can enjoy the best cannabis strain from harvest. It’s the time to taste the best many top growers offer. Cannabis is delicious on its own, with different tastes and flavor profiles with every strain of marijuana. Since the fall season is well on its way, we’ve put together this guide that highlights several strains that you’re surely love. We hope you find the right taste for your palate with our recommendations.

1. Blackberry Kush

The most beautiful cannabis strain in this list is, hands down, Blackberry Kush. This majority indica strain of marijuana is a combination of the resin-heavy Afghani and the fruity Blackberry strain. This strain has some nice purple buds on it, with orange hairs that make it look delicious.

While the Blackberry Kush does not have much yield, it is a hard, dense nug – making it a top-tier strain. It won’t disappoint you either in both flavor and effect.

The smell is hashy, with a strong smell of jet fuel. The taste is ultra-fruity, much of it coming from its Blackberry strain heritage. It balances the entire flavor profile, with sweet, earthy and tangy flavor notes.

The Blackberry Kush is an excellent strain for pain relief because of its indica body effect. It can give you some strong relaxation feelings and can aid you to better sleep. If you’re looking for a way to help your insomnia, this is the best marijuana strain for you.

2. Blue Dream

Among the people growing weed on the West Coast, Blue Dream has a level of legendary status to it. This Sativa-dominant hybrid came from Cali, cross-breeding the legendary Blueberry strain to the Sativa Haze. This combination of two legendary strains of cannabis makes Blue Dream a great hybrid to take.

Blue Dream has a sweet berry taste and aroma, not betraying the Blueberry line it has. It further underscores the earthy herbal flavor that we’re sure you’d love. Because it’s a cross between indica and sativa, it provides a delicate balance between a happy feeling and euphoria.

What people love about Blue Dream are the relieving effects it gives without too much sedation. Its medical effects on pain, depression, nausea, and even epilepsy make it viable for daily use. You can take this while being productive, making it a nice morning cannabis strain.

3. Super Lemon Haze

If you’re looking for a top-quality cannabis strain to take, perhaps we can interest you in the Super Lemon Haze. A sativa-dominant hybrid that people love, its parents are the citrus heavy Lemon Skunk and the award-winning Super Silver Haze. This combination of taste and uplifting effects lent to the Super Lemon Haze winning the Cannabis Cup twice. This strain of cannabis has kief caking all over it, with tasty colors all over. As its name implies, the Super Lemon Haze has many types of lemony traits, from its zesty smell and sweet-tarty taste, it’s not too sharp, so you’d still love it. It gives anyone both happy feelings, with strong, endless energy throughout.

4. Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is one of the strongest cannabis strains out there. Even with a small hit, you’d feel a punch that will remind you of a raging animal. This potent strain of marijuana is a trio combo of the cerebral Chem’s Sister, the mysterious Sour Dubble, and the heady Chocolate Diesel. What do you get from this mix? Well, the Gorilla Glue is piney, with a combination of coffee and mocha flavor notes. The super powerful THC levels give you a strong and lasting high. You would want to take care when you take this strain. Gorilla Glue is an ideal choice for people who experience pain and insomnia. Its prime effects give a relaxing, sleepy feeling. It’s a pleasant appetite stimulant and can help ease depression by mellowing you out.

5. Venom OG

The Venom OG is as potent as its name, coming from its unique genetics. Its parents are from the proprietary Rare Dankness #1 and the sedative Poison OG. This combination creates a powerful effect, giving strong highs and relaxation. The dense buds with orange hairs give Venom OG a mysterious mix of scents. Its smell is a mix of lemon and pine, together with diesel and skunk. Because this cannabis strain is a potent relaxation strain, it’s better to take it at night. You’d love it if you’re into lazing around and enjoying some “me time.” People use the Venom OG as a potent analgesic, arthritis, sleep, and anxiety remedy.

Taste the Best Cannabis Strain of the Fall Season

The fall season is the time of the year to enjoy the harvest. With this, you can taste the delicious cannabis strain for the season. If you’re looking for some new flavors, try the strains we recommended. If you’re looking for prime sources for everything cannabis, you need people who love the community. Enlighten yourself with the emerging cannabis culture.