Session Goods – Smoking Accessories Designed to Help You Unwind

In 2017, four friends found themselves, centered around a bong, deep in conversation. Why hadn’t smoking accessories been given the same level of design attention as any other product? The attitudes and perceptions around smoking were undoubtedly shifting, but the products used to enjoy them seemed deeply rooted in the counterculture of the past. They saw an opportunity to embrace evolving attitudes and challenged themselves to create products that felt more like home goods than something illicit.

Over the following year, they dedicated our nights and weekends to developing the brand. These work sessions, as they grew to be called, would focus on research, design and end with some high-level debates. The group of friends wanted to create a brand that focused on a state of mind and the act of making time to focus on something good. Naturally when naming the project, they wanted to embody the period they dedicated to this specific activity – a session.

Session Goods mission is to inspire moments of joy, relaxation, and leisure through thoughtful designed experienced and products that don’t feel taboo. Their big picture vision is to inspire indulgence through permissible and sleek vices, creating an experience that helps keep people in the moment longer.