Lowell Herb Co. introduces Cold-Pressed Cannabis Oil

Lowell Herb Co. adds a new item to their portfolio with their introduction of cold-pressed cannabis oil. Their organic, whole-plant and cold-pressed cannabis oil is developed through a proprietary method which starts with freezing their organically grown cannabis flower. While frozen, it’s taken through a water hashing process (the plant is tumbled in ice water) before being cold-pressed for oil extraction.

This cold-press cannabis oil sets itself apart from others currently on the market. Almost all other cannabis concentrate is made by being put through a volatile chemical extraction process where the plant is heated to 518 degrees Fahrenheit and goes through emulsification. The natural plant flavor is stripped away and solvents are added to increase the dissolvement of artificial terpenes before their final distillate oil is completed.

The difference between the flavor and consistency of the cold-pressed cannabis oil is notable. The cold-pressed cannabis experience is as close to smoking the raw plant as possible. It is 100% solvent-, butane- and additive-free so it burns clean and there’s no chemical or residual aftertaste. You’re left with the flavor’s integrity for a true plant to pen experience.