Lowell Herb Co. To Begin Offering “The Farmers Eight”

Beginning this month July 2021, Lowell Herb Co. will increase the amount of flower within its traditionally marked 3.5 gram (1/8 ounce) packages to now offer four grams in all jarred flower products, distinguishing the new offering as a Farmer’s Eighth. Inspired by the baker’s dozen philosophy and evolving consumer trends, the extra half gram of flower in all eighth packages will come at no extra cost to customers.

“As we continue to grow and evolve, we constantly ask ourselves how, as a company, we can give back to our customers that have been incredibly loyal to Lowell throughout the years and adapt to their current needs,” reflected Mark Ainsworth, Chief Executive Officer for Lowell Farms Inc. “The launch of the Farmer’s Eighth is exciting to us because not only are we able to set a new industry standard but we can do so while giving our customers more of what they want.”

The Farmer’s Eighth ($33) is available in the following strains, all of which were grown at Lowell Farms cultivation in the Salinas Valley:

  • Bruce Banner (Sativa)
  • Mothers Milk (Sativa)
  • Original Gorilla (Hybrid)
  • Monkey Bar (Indica)
  • OG Blueberry Crème (Indica)
  • Cherry Glaze (Indica)

The Farmer’s Eighth is currently available for delivery via Lowell Direct and at fine Lowell retailers across California.