Etain Health Launches Magnetic Vape Pen: The Motif

New York’s only family-run, women-owned vertically integrated agribusiness and cannabis dispensary, Etain Health has launched its most innovative cannabis product yet – the Motif™ magnetic vape pen. 

The Motif™ magnetic vape pen by Etain is a rechargeable pen that combines the benefits of their additive-free, terpene-rich oil with the precision of draw-activated dosing—all made refreshingly simple by a threadless, magnetic cartridge.

A sleek new addition to Etain’s line of products, unlike threaded 510 cartridges, Motif pods simply click into place, quickly and securely. Precise dosing is achieved by a draw-activated system that automatically vaporizes the right amount of oil every time. The rechargeable battery is reusable by design and the pen includes a battery and USB C as well as an indicator light that enables the user to have a visual indicator of dosing. The pre-filled .5 Gram and 1 Gram pods are available for every Etain product in precise ratios of THC-to-CBD including Forte (20:1 THC:CBD), Balance (1:1 THC:CBD), Mezzo (1:2 THC: CBD) and Dolce (1:20 THC:CBD)

Exclusively crafted by the women of Etain, Motif takes everything you enjoy about our vape pens—the pure oil, and precise dosing elevates the experience even further.