High 90’s Introduces 3 New Hyper-Potent Flavors

HIGH 90’s is expanding their portfolio with the introduction of their exotic flower line, releasing 3 of their most potent THC products to date, Watermelon Sherbet, Tropical Cookies, and Gelato 33.

HIGH 90’S spent time perfecting its genetics, packing the sweetest and smoothest flavors for users to receive the most immaculate, whole-body high. The exotic flower has been carefully crafted for the experienced smokers who love to roll their own, giving smokers the most explosive punch of mouthwatering euphoria with their preferred consumption method.

The exotic flower line re-imagines some of the brand’s most beloved flavors, with the unique flower testing up to 31% THC. The ‘Sweetest High’ brand guarantees a high-quality experience by collaborating with an in-house breeder who specializes in crossbreeding unique strains for the brand.