Airfield Supply Company Introduces ‘Flower For Flight’ With AVIATION CANNABIS

Airfield Supply Company announces the launch of its new flower company, AVIATION CANNABIS. Featuring fresh indoor-grown whole-bud flower as well as pre-rolls, infused flower products, house-made concentrates, and cured resin vape cartridges, AVIATION CANNABIS combines small-batch indoor cultivation practices with sustainable packaging to deliver its flavor-first line of hand-trimmed strains, including exclusive heirloom genetics like the brand’s renowned strain of Jack Herer.

Committed to developing flavor for flight tailored to customers’ experiential preferences, AVIATION additionally offers unique genetic cultivars including Tahoe OG, GSC Blue Cut, Skunkcello, 707 Headband, Jack Rabbit, Double Dream, Mac 1, Lightning Jack, and ROC OG in rotating harvests. Featuring sustainable and recyclable packaging and designed by the creative team who originally brought Airfield’s branding to life in 2015, AVIATION CANNABIS celebrates life’s adventures by prioritizing such desirable flower qualities as terpene and cannabinoid profiles, flavor, and Entourage Effects — rather than just THC percentage — at each harvest.

“AVIATION is born out of Airfield’s devotion to the higher things in life. After more than 11 years of leading the industry, we have launched AVIATION to promote a higher standard of flower while focusing on fresher, single-source, sustainably-packaged products,” says Airfield Supply Co. founder and CEO Marc Matulich, who launched the South Bay Healing Center medical dispensary in 2010, renaming it Airfield in 2015. “From our small-batch, high-touch approach to indoor cultivation to our commitment to flavor and consistency, we intend to uplift both customer experience and expectations.

“With its launch, AVIATION allows us to prioritize sustainable packaging,” Matulich adds. “Utilizing a patented processing technique that guarantees our flower has a perfectly preserved two-year shelf life, our eighth tins are sealed with reclaimed plastic and are actually the most recyclable cannabis packaging available anywhere on the planet. Our pre-roll packs and single-cone tubes are also made from reclaimed plastic and our vape cartridges and concentrates employ recycled paper boxes and tubes. We have been active in the sustainable packaging effort since 2020, partnering on a recycling program that allows ordinary cannabis packaging waste to be diverted before it reaches the trash stream and is ultimately converted into clean diesel fuel. Our commitment extends to our retail fleet of electric Tesla sedans, used among our other vehicles for daily touchless prepaid delivery. We look forward to the industry matching us in sustainability innovation so that together we can stem cannabis waste.”

“As Airfield’s second decade in business progresses, we’re fortunate to have achieved many of our dreams in the retail and consumer experience spaces,” says Airfield CMO Chris Lane. “Now, we have a chance to bring our vision for a flower brand to California. From cultivation to product design to packaging selection, everything about AVIATION is the culmination of decades of experience, research, and a refusal to compromise. Once our flower is out of the garden, it’s in the can. We believe AVIATION offers the freshest, most flavorful cannabis available anywhere and by offering it in modern and sustainable packaging, we will enhance our customer’s lives in a meaningful way. We can’t wait for you to try it.”