Designer Sophie Lou Jacobsen Collabs With Tetra on The Valet Vape Stand

Tetra, the high-design accessories label created by Monica Khemsurov of Sight Unseen and designer Sophie Lou Jacobsen have exclusively collaborated for Tetra to release The Valet, a first-of-its-kind multi-device vape stand that doubles as a sleek home object to display books and other tech devices.

Gone are the days when your vape device is leaking or not maximizing its full potential. Jacobsen designed this stand to be a dedicated place to keep your devices when not in use and at a angle that’s optimal for storage. The Valet can also be used with other home essentials such as holding your phone whilst charging, keep your iPad hands free on calls or a beautiful place to display the novel you’re currently reading.

“As smokeware, and in this particular instance vapes, become more and more ubiquitous parts of our lives, it’s interesting to explore new, more elevated aesthetics around these typologies. Similarly to how ashtrays once were the centerpieces of a living space, explored by designers and decorators for generations, how can we create similar languages for our new smoking habits? That’s what intrigued me when I designed the Valet. I also enjoy the fact that it’s a multi-use object, which can be a resting place not only for vapes, but for your phone, your pens, or perhaps even a notepad — a trusty helper for your most-used everyday objects. The design aims to abstract the object’s intended use and distance it from any notion of smoking or vape culture; it’s a pure meeting of two simple shapesand materials that exist together in harmony in their own right.”

Sophie Lou Jacobsen, Designer