Diversity Matters: Reese Benton

As a part of our upcoming Diversity Education Discussions with Hall of Flowers, we’re going to be highlighting some words from our speakers to keep you satiated until January 18th.

Reese Benton of Posh Green

What led you to launch your brand?

RB: Since I started in the industry I have always wanted to have my own flower and skincare lines.

Why is diversity and inclusion across the cannabis industry important to you?

RB: Like with any other business or politics, it is important to see people who reflect what America looks like and to feel that everyone is capable of the same success instead of keeping the systematic oppression that black and brown people have experienced for 100s of years.

How is cannabis connected to your life?

RB: I started using cannabis for anxiety in early 2006 and have been an advocate for the wellness side of the industry since then.

What would you say most motivates you to do what you do?

RB: Patient stories, especially when they tell me that we have helped them feel better and be better. Also, to break the cycle of this being a male-dominated business.

With this discussion being on MLK Day 2021, discuss the importance of Martin Luther King Jr.’s impact in your life OR share your favorite MLK quote.

RB: ‘I Have a Dream,’ because the dream that he was fighting for is what we still fight for.