Common Citizen Releases New Social Equity Product and Announces New Documentary

Common’s Citizen‘s social equity mission encompasses an inclusive and diverse culture, with equity at the core. With this in mind, their newest product, Principle, was created to represent Common Citizen’s values for equity by donating 100% of the proceeds to Michigan’s Local Community Engagement and Social Equity programs.  

Principle will be sold in two half-gram pre-rolls in a decorative tin at Common Citizen’s retail locations starting mid-December.

Principle was unveiled at a two-day media event, including a tour of Common Citizen’s state-of-the-art hybrid greenhouse in Marshall and the company’s flagship retail location in Flint. The event included community leaders, activists and the community at large, and culminated in the premier screening of the film “Cannabis For Humanity” in Detroit. The film embodies Common Citizen’s mission to serve the unique cannabis needs of patients and adult-use customers across Michigan.

“At Common Citizen, we prioritize people over product, and Principle allows us to support and reinvest in the diverse communities we proudly serve,” said Common Citizen CEO Michael Elias. “As part of this project, we will educate the common citizen about the many wellness benefits of cannabis and help eliminate the stigma around its production, distribution and consumption.”

Creating tangible impact through cannabis ventures requires action, sustained engagement and collaboration with partners already doing transformative work to achieve this goal. To help advance these efforts, Common Citizen has partnered with Cannaclusive to serve their employees and local communities better. In addition, Cannaclusive will help Common Citizen direct its profits to organizations dedicated to creating meaningful opportunities for marginalized communities in the coming months.

As company advisors, Cannaclusive will also support Common Citizen’s ongoing initiatives to develop and scale internal programs that facilitate diversity, equity and inclusion.

“Principle is the next step in our mission of serving Cannabis For Humanity and the individual needs of our patients and adult-use customers,” Elias said. “We look forward to announcing further details about Principle and this first-of-its-kind effort to help serve the communities we call home.”