Taking Back Some Time With Besito Mini Pre-Rolls

For those moments when you don’t wanna roll up a king-size joint or only have a few minutes to enjoy a quick toke, Besito introduces mini pre-rolls that pack a eight of cannabis in chic blue tins that are perfectly pocket-sized, containing ten joins in several varities including Sour Diesel, Chemdawg and Sundae Driver.

With COVID-era guidelines mandating personal space, cannabis brands like besito are reacting to the evolution of this new, 6 ft apart lifestyle with mini 0.35g joints. You can still meet your friends in a park for a smoke sesh, but pre-rolled mini joints mean no hand-to-joint rolling contact and everyone gets their own personal smoke (with no half stale joint you have to worry about finishing later).

For their new campaign, besito cast aside a traditional photoshoot and opted for a more personal feel––putting their new line of pre-rolls into the hands of photographers and creatives to take a puff and capture their interpretations of besito’s newest drop: mini, whole flower pre-rolls and 1g single joints.
This campaign gives artists the opportunity to create beautiful imagery on their own
while respecting their right to socially distance.