Baker’s Cannabis Co. Introduces Infused 3-Pack Pre-Rolls

Baker’s Cannabis Co., part of CANNDESCENT’s house of brands, expands its product portfolio with their new Infused Pre-Roll 3-Pack, just as new data from Headset reveals pre-rolls, one of the most ‘shareable’ formats, increased market share by 18% over the past year – a time when customers are still adjusting to a life where COVID-19 exits. 

Looking for the highest buzz for your buck? The new Baker’s infused pre-rolls have a higher THC percentage than their originals and are designed for the more seasoned smoker. Brushed with high-potency distillate with terpenes for maximum flavor and rolled in kief, Baker’s infused joints offer a more dynamic, full-body high. Whether you want a euphoric, relaxed feeling, or a stress-free state of mind, Baker’s infused pre-rolls will get you there. 

The portable pack features three .8g infused pre-rolls coated with terpene infused distillate and THC-rich kief. This pack is great to share amongst friends offering a total of 2.4 grams and can be found in popular strains, including Peach Ozz, First Class Funk, and King’s Cake⁠.

The Infused Pre-Roll 3-Pack, available in dispensaries across California, expands Baker’s popular and affordable product line of one gram infused and non-infused pre-rolls, non-infused multipacks, and half-ounce pre-ground pouches with rolling papers and crutches.