Puffco Unveils 3D Chamber

Puffco has unveiled its latest product, a 3D Chamber designed to optimize user experience of the award-winning Puffco Peak Pro. 

True to its name, the 3D chamber heats on all sides, enveloping the dab material. By bringing the heat into the bowl itself, exactly where the oil is, this immersive heating source results in bigger clouds, better flavor, more efficiency and a faster heat up. The 3D chamber uses 30% less battery and produces more vaporous dabs at a lower temperature, optimizing the experience. Additional heat sensing capabilities provide even more accuracy, keeping the bowl at its pre-set temperature. 

“Puffco created the Peak to make the best experience in cannabis accessible to everyone, designing it to evolve along with its users’ needs and wants,”  Puffco CEO and Founder Roger Volodarsky explains. “The 3D chamber delivers on that evolution with better flavor, improved battery efficiency, and more vapor — even from such delicate materials as water hash. It levels up the entire experience instantly.”

Puffco fans attending the inaugural Puffcon Block Party event on October 2nd had a chance to experience the 3D Chamber’s capabilities first-hand, where it was demonstrated and offered for sale in limited quantities prior to its public on-sale date.

The 3D Chamber is capable of the same four pre-set heat settings as the Peak Pro Standard Chamber, and can be customized on the Peak Pro Platform.