Ringing In The Lunar New Year With An Infused Meal

Some days I have to work a bit harder than usual to find my magic. I don’t consider these days inherently bad but I do consider them to be “slightly off”. You know the type I’m talking about. The kind of day that has a little more weight to it. A little more struggle, too. January 25th 2020 started out as one of those days for me. Nothing bad had happened per-se; unless living like a recluse for two days straight is a bad thing. Needless to say after hours of uninterrupted solitude, my frivolous social anxiety started creeping in as soon as the day turned to night. However, a day can only be what you make of it so I was both excited yet hesitant to attend a cannabis dinner held by Khara Pechtesprivate event company Food Flower Future. I was going stag, which can be great for a writer but terrifying as a human, and I ultimately started regretting my “bold” decision. It had been incredibly generous of Khara to invite me in the first place and I really didn’t want to let her down. Plus, the few times I’d been in her company I always thought she had good energy. So I figured it couldn’t hurt to see her again. Besides, who am I to turn down a 5 course cannabis infused gourmet meal? Nobody. 

The dinner’s theme was celebrating both women in cannabis and the Lunar New Year. The former is a common topic we see in our nascent industry. The latter from Pechtes’ family traditions, adding in some of her Asian-American roots to personalize the dinner experience.

I could hear chatter and laughter from outside the huge metal doorway. I could also smell my favorite herb burning from where I stood in Downtown Los Angeles. The ambiance inside was delightful and guests were greeted with the “Gold Rush”, a specialty CBD mocktail Pechte created containing a dose of Proof Extracts 20:1 tincture. We also had the option of adding an additional dose of THC thanks to Honey Pot Products and their delicious cannabis infused honey. “Don’t mind if I do”  I whispered to no one. The loft’s open space was adorned with high ceilings, tons of greenery and brick walls drenched in tea lights. A group of women had arrived before me and they were casually passing joints while lounging on lush couches and furry white rugs. Dinner began promptly at 7:15pm with tasty vegan jerk egg-rolls, fresh salad and a pumpkin ginger soup I will never forget. All three courses were infused with Proof Extracts 1:1 THC:CBD tincture for a little extra kick. Each meal was paired with a hand-selected preroll from cannabis companies Arcanna Flowers and Aloha Humboldt. I had the pleasure of sitting next to Aloha Humboldt’s Co-Founder Linsey Jones. We spent the night hearing all about her family’s cultivation practices and mountainous adventures up North. When Jones spoke, you could really sense her connection with this incredible plant. I especially appreciated the terpene breakdown that Khara provided when we received each preroll. 


Dinner consisted of roasted veggies alongside tender pork-chops for the meat-eaters and grilled portobello mushroom for the herbivores. Our meals were prepared by Chef Daniella Davis and her dedicated team. I felt giddy while I chewed with utter satisfaction. I was definitely feeling it. Interestingly, what I no longer felt was my original state of anxiety and dread. 

I also had the pleasure of sitting next to Ophelia Chong, Founder & Partner of Green Sky Strategy. Chong’s consulting company’s mission is to help support small cannabis brands in a large market. Chong is also the founder of AACE – Asian Americans for Cannabis Education. Chong graciously spent the night explaining to fellow guests the Chinese Zodiac and other Chinese New Year traditions between courses. It added an extra element of magic to the evening. Papers and Ink Sesh created gorgeous customized Lunar New Year papers for the event, making my post-dinner joint extra one-of-a-kind. A stunning My Bud Vase bong was raffled off after guests devoured their coconut cream dessert. We all participated in Khara’s beautiful ‘Money Tree’, adorned with traditional red envelopes with a coin for good luck and year of the rat jade charm. These little details Khara added really made the evening special. Aloha Humboldt, gave out custom made earrings & hats to a few lucky guests and marvelous gift bags were distributed at the end of the night containing an assortment of cannabis goods from the evening’s sponsors. I’m really happy I decided to go out that night and I’m excited to see what’s next for our lovely curator Khara and her delectable empire at Food Flower Future. 

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