2020 CannaLovers Valentine’s Day Essentials

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a 3-day weekend and only lord knows what some folks will be getting into to celebrate their love and affection for one another and we want to make sure you have some key essentials to make your moment together more memorable that you initially intended. Below is a list of products from brands featured in our MARY Marketplace that can add the icing to your cake and then some 😉

Happy Clam Everyday Oil by Quim

The minds behind Quim believe that vaginal health is an essential precursor to the pursuit of pleasure. Vaginas are one of the most absorbent parts of the female body and yet historically, society have not given much thought to the products women use to protect, serve and satiate their sacred quims. You can think of Happy Clam Everyday Oil as eye-cream for vaginas. It’s designed to soothe and moisturize quims and can be used post-coitus, post-partum, before be or after bathing, making it an exciting new addition to your nightly self-care routine.

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Sousa Body Treatment Oil by Mineral Health

Who doesn’t love a good massage? After a shower together, offer your partner a chance to relax and be under the guidance of your special touch. Add Mineral Health’s intensive, cannabinoid-rich, hydrating body treatment oil for dry and inflamed bodies. SOUSA cools, hydrates, and delights as a refreshing anti-inflammatory. With blood orange, jojoba and lavender flavor profiles and CBD & CBG cannabinoids, you’ll both want to do is cuddle after and enjoy the aroma… or continue to stay naked and let nature take place.

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Damiana Lemon & CBD Oil by Tarot CBD

This simple yet powerful blend of CBD extract and organic MCT oil promotes synergy between the body and mind, to encourage the ultimate flow state. This is a no-fuss, no-frills CBD tincture that can be used any time of day, for any tolerance level.

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Hemp Infused Raw Honey by Potli

This is when things begin to get a little sticky… in a good way! Aside from the common health benefits of honey being a source of antioxidants and fighting against heart diseases, honey just taste delicious and we’re sure your lover will agree. Start with some honey kisses, nipple licks and continue on down and dab some honey on their special places to add a little flavor and you’ll get all the nutrients you need and more!

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Calm Hemp Bath Bomb by Mary Nutritionals

Create a serene oasis in your tub as you wind down at the end of the night. Mary’s Nutritionals Calm Bomb’s lavender aroma is perfect for relaxation, while the effervescent Epsom salt and full-spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD provide soothing relief for all your aches and pains. The Calm Bomb is also rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E to nourish your skin as you soak away your cares and enjoy the bliss.

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OTTO Candle by Malin + Goetz

Love is in the air and so are the fumes from scented candles! Otto candle is a gorgeous, garden-in-bloom aroma. Top notes of grapefruit and cardamom mingle with middle notes of rose and geranium, and base notes of oakmoss and vetiver to create a lush and lasting scent. Handmade locally in Brooklyn, the candle’s natural wax blend has a clean, slow burn that lasts up to 60 hours.

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