MVMNT Fashions The World’s First Cannabis, 100% Vegan Watch

In 2014, Sam Whitten designed and founded hemp eyewear, which turned the super crop, hemp, into a strong, lightweight composite for sunglasses’ frames. The designer borrows the same material and manufacturing method for hemp MVMNT — the world’s first cannabis watch. With pineapple ‘leather’ straps, the design takes unconventional sustainability to the next level.

Hemp MVMNT explores the industrial possibilities of the super crop. Their sustainable technology processes the fiber of hemp into a strong yet lightweight composite ideal for eyewear frames. The only by-product of this manufacturing is H20 as water vapor and the process has been developed further to make watch cases.

The timepieces synchronize sustainable materials with a modular design. The randomly-aligned hemp fibers are shaped through high-accuracy machining to create a seemingly minimal yet, at closer glance, intricate circular case. This means each watch appears identical but is completely unique. gold or silver details the slim hands, the frame of the watch face, and also the crown. on the reverse, the easily-removable backplate – again in either gold or silver – encourages a ‘repair not replace’ philosophy so that the user can change their own battery.

The entire watch is 100% vegan with straps made of piñatex by ANANAS ANAM. This leather-alternative is composed from the fiber of pineapple leaves, which can pile up as agricultural waste. With a quick-release button, a range of six colorful options can be chosen and interchanged for personalization.

Hemp MVMNT released a special edition watch design in celebration of 420. The ‘four twenty’ version is marked with a green 420 highlight on the otherwise minimal face and a special green coating adorns the seconds hand.

The 420 feature was added because we thought it was playful, as well as helping us leverage the cultural shift we are seeing in north america and around the world, to further progress the awareness of hemp as a sustainable material of the future,‘ concludes Sam Whitten, founder of hemp MVMNT.