Puffco Reveals Peak Pro With Virtual Event

A few years ago, Puffco marveled the world with the introduction of their Peak vaporizer which awed many with it’s sleek design and functionality. Recently, the Los Angeles-based brand unveiled details of its Peak Pro, the first comprehensive update to its 2018 groundbreaking Peak, during an exclusive live event held on the company’s website.

The Peak Pro features several new key features and upgrades that, when combined, make for a truly unparalleled experience, above and beyond even what the original Peak offers.

“The Peak Pro is all about control and dialing in the experience you want,” Puffco CEO and Founder Roger Volodarsky explains. “We’ve updated every aspect of the original Peak.  Put together, these upgrades make a revolutionary product. For the beginner and connoisseur alike, the Peak Pro device is all about control and dialing in. You have lots of freedom to create the experience you want.” 

During the event, Volodarsky walked the audience through each part of the device that stands to add value to the end experience. Industry professionals, journalists and the public tuned into the live virtual event for the product unveiling and exclusive content, including a launch video from the legendary designer and director GMUNK. 

In tandem with the Peak Pro and App, a Power Dock accessory has also been introduced, providing a secure resting place when home and serving as a portable wireless charging battery that can be taken on-the-go. A new Travel Pack, featuring increased backpack storage, an angled mouthpiece, and a new hinging tether, is also available.

The Peak Pro’s enhanced features include:

  •  40% larger sealed ceramic chamber
  • double water capacity
  • real-time temperature control
  • auto-sleep function
  • Bluetooth app connectivity for customizing heat & LED settings and enabling stealth & lantern mode
  • Wireless Qi Charging
  • USB-C Connection
  • Oculus Carb Cap

The Peak Pro, Travel Pack and Power Dock are up for pre-order now through puffco.com, with estimated shipping beginning October 19th – 27th.

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