Pabst Blue Ribbon Introduce Cannabis Infused Seltzer Beverage

Known for their affordable beer, Pabst Blue Ribbon is expanding its portfolio into the world of cannabis, particularly infused beverages. This month, PBR rolls out their cannabis-infused lemon seltzer around dispensaries in California, however it’s not technically a product of Pabst Blue Ribbon or its parent company, Pabst Brewing.

Each can contains 5mg of psychoactive THC and only 25 calories and zero alcohol.

The PBR brand was licensed to Pabst Labs, a California cannabis company founded in part by former Pabst employees. No money was exchanged as part of the licensing agreement, Pabst Brewing says, and it does not have a financial stake in Pabst Labs nor will it receive any proceeds from the sale of the cannabis-infused seltzer.

Pabst isn’t the first beverage company to keep it’s eye on the growing cannabis market. Constellation Brands, Molson Coors and Anheuser-Busch InBev — have invested in or partnered with Canadian cannabis firms that have struck arrangements to sell products or eventually operate in the United States. Pabst’s route to market is similar to that of Lagunitas Brewing Company, the Heineken subsidiary that two years ago partnered with a cannabis firm to launch the THC- and CBD-infused HiFi-Hops sparkling beverage.

Pabst Labs has started small with the initial launch — selling the seltzers in about a dozen dispensaries — but plans to grow that number to north of 30 by the end of the month. Pabst Labs will also sell the seltzer online to select regions of California.