Q&A: A Men’s Session Featuring Adrian Robinson

We’ve partnered with Humble Bloom on A Men’s Session: Achieving Homeostasis in Vulnerability, Wellness & Cannabis Consumption and gather at The Assemblage and discuss as a part of a men’s community about how the plant is a conduit for larger discussions of wellness, modern masculinity and liberation from stigma and stereotypes. We’ve asked each of the panelists a series of questions around who they are, their relationship with the plant, their community and more.

Adrian Robinson

Introduce yourself and talk about your path to starting your company?

I’m Adrian Robinson, the co-founder and CEO of High Street, a vertically integrated cannabis producer and retailer in Canada. We have a brand called Quality Green and we’ve been in the industry for years. We embrace legalization and we’re in the process of making sure all our facilities are in compliance with Canadian law. My team and I are very focused on preserving the culture of cannabis and making sure that everyone who loves cannabis is included in the shift to legalization.


What does masculinity mean to you in this modern era we live in?

Masculinity, in the modern era, is about creating your own legacy, rather than conforming to a traditional stereotype of “masculine.” All too often, strong men are traditionally celebrated in the physical sense, but I believe we also have an opportunity to support an ever-growing conversation around emotional and internal strength, self-awareness and being vulnerable.


What your relationship with cannabis – how and when did you first experience it and how do you currently use the plant?

It’s definitely part of my lifestyle. I actually don’t remember my first experience, but currently I use the plant as a sleep aide and for relaxing to help balance the stress and rigors of day-to-day life.


Mental health is a topic that people are becoming more and more comfortable discussing, share ways you go about clearing your mind or maintaining your focus in your daily routine? 

I have been very fortunate that I have a great support system. When I need to vent, I can, because there are people who will listen. Also, invest in yourself, whether that’s through therapy, yoga or meditation. Do one thing for yourself each day that helps clear your mind.


What are your thoughts on NY State and legalization and what this can mean for you and your community?

As a Canadian, I can tell you that legalization is most definitely the way to go. I think many New Yorkers would agree with me on this, including a lot of the lawmakers in Albany. I think that New York is trying to get legalization right, which is why the process fell apart in the last session, but there are so many regulatory details, like taxation, and so many people to please and so many moving parts. I think that New York will get there, eventually, and it’s better to take a long time and to get it right, then to rush forward with a flawed law.


What can men in our age group (25-35) do to take better care of our health? 

Live a life that is meaningful to you, be true to yourself and don’t be afraid of judgment.