Pachamama and CeezeMC Create Hemp Sneaker with Adidas Silhouette

Pachamama, the CBD superfood brand whose name translates to “Mother Earth,” launched a limited-edition collaboration with viral sneaker artist Connor Seltz (CeezeMC) using HU NMD Adidas silhouette. Intended to highlight and celebrate Earth Day while calling attention to the regenerative and sustainable benefits of hemp manufacturing, Pachamama has partnered with the New York-based artist to create three pairs of 9.5-sized sneakers built with USDA organic certified hemp materials.

Having been honored with the Purity Award from The Clean Label Project, Pachamama’s single-strain sourcing and proprietary, certified, and organic air-extraction method have already set new standards in the wellness space. The sneaker collaboration with CeezeMC illuminates the potential for the apparel industry to normalize regenerative and sustainable material usage. 

With virtually no carbon footprint, hemp is a unique plant that regenerates the very soil in which it grows. Durable and handsome, hemp has shed its shaggy image and comes into today’s fashion conversation as a sensible and versatile material that can look as good as it does. Pairing that material with the urban modern design ethos that CeezeMC embraces makes for a perfect reflection of Earth Day ideals in the consumer marketplace.

“I’ve always admired Connor’s work and even had him make a custom pair for me last year,” says Pachamama co-founder and CEO Brandon Stump. “When the shoes arrived, I was ecstatic. I  knew one day he would help us create a hemp shoe. Hopefully it can start a trend in footwear and pioneer the creation of a better world for us all.”

Working the iconic HU NMD Adidas silhouette from the ground up, CeezeMC reinvisioned the shoe using the recycled EVA foam between a vegetable leather outsole and a super-cushioned footbed. An expertly crafted hand-tooled vegetable leather cage sits atop, the upper constructed from completely recycled hemp canvas. The Pachamama logo designs adorn both the left and right uppers, heels and liner. 

This collaboration has resulted in three pairs in total, one slated for audience giveaway through Nick Kicks. The two other pairs, in addition to the full Pachamama product line, will go to randomly selected customers who purchase an item on Pachamama’s homepage.