How To Productivity Hack With Micro Dose Tinctures by Papa & Barkley

Do you ever look at highly-productive people and wonder how they do it? The pros are using a method call productivity hacking coupled with microdosing cannabis. Why cannabis? Because microdosing cannabis can help boost activity, reduce stress and discomfort, and leave you more focused. If you’re hoping to optimize your day, microdosing cannabis is a great way to start. With microdosing, the intoxicating effect is gradual and controlled so that you can experiment with different ratios and levels of cannabinoids.

Tinctures are the fastest way to feel the benefits of cannabinoids because the primary delivery method is by ingestion sublingually (under the tongue!). They are also discreet and easy to take with you no matter what you’re doing throughout your day. Tinctures, like Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Micro Dose Tinctures or Releaf Drops work on the whole body and are useful for a variety of needs including acute pain relief, natural stress reduction, and aiding in healthier sleep. Microdosing is meant to produce a nuanced effect, so you may not feel drastic changes after each dose, but over the course of the day you’ll feel more balanced.

Microdosing is a marathon, not a race. 

For those of you trying to productivity hack throughout your day it’s important to remember that microdosing is about consistency. Dosing every couple of hours using the same amount is key and will help your body and mind stay well and at peak performance all day. Before you start, make sure to get your hands on one of Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Micro Dose Tinctures, that way you can measure your dose accurately. Between 0.25ml-0.5ml is best. We designed our tinctures to be easy to measure out exactly how many milligrams you’d like to take. Keep in mind that each body is unique and will require different amounts. If you are a seasoned cannabis user, start with the dose that feels right for you. For those of you that are new to cannabis wellness we recommend this schedule: 

 9AM– take 0.25ml dropped under your tongue (sublingually) and hold there for 30 seconds. That will allow for the fastest results. 

 11AM– Take another 0.25ml sublingually. 

 1PM– Time for another 0.25ml, drop under the tongue as before. 

If at this point you aren’t feeling any therapeutic effects try upping your dose for the rest of the day to 0.5ml per dose every two hours until bed. This schedule will work with both THC and CBD Micro Dose tinctures – and different ratios work better than others. For example, for those who want a boost of energy, you can even micro dose with our THCa Living Tincture. THC tinctures are good for reducing discomfort so you can stay focused while sitting at your desk for long periods of time, and for those with a hectic schedule, try microdosing with CBD tinctures for a calmer state of mind throughout the day. 

Measuring Your Micro Dose  

  1. Grab your bottle of Releaf Tincture 
  2. Measure out 0.25ml (about 9-10 drops or ¼ of a dropper) 
  3. Take sublingually (under the tongue) and hold there for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then swallow. 
  4. Wait for 20-30 minutes and pay attention to your body.  

That last step is crucial! Because the intent is to experience a diminished but still noticeable version of the benefits of THC, you have to listen to your body. The benefit of microdosing THC is that you get stress reduction, pain relief, and improved sleep without immediate intoxicating effects. 

Adjusting Your Dose 

Since every day is different, you might have to adjust the amount you’re taking each day or for those of you with more experience, per dose as needed. If your routine changes daily, that’s okay, play around with your dosage. In fact, we encourage it! Start with 0.25ml of your favorite Micro Dose Tincture

 Less is more with microdosing, whether it is THC or CBD. Sometimes you’ll need a little more depending on how you are feeling that day. But consistency is key, so I recommend trying your first dose and sticking with it for at least three days. If you haven’t noticed any effects yet, it is time to increase your dose a little more — dose with 0.5ml (about 15-20 drops) for the next three to four days. Every person is different, just as  everyone’s body is different. Experiment with times of day and eventually you’ll find the combination that works for you. Also, don’t skip doses because microdosing works on the principle that your Endocannabinoid system should be saturated with cannabinoids regularly to actively work. Skipping a day will not yield as promising results as taking regular doses for three days in a row. Plus, you can always take more if and when needed. 

Pro-tip: keep a log on your phone or bedside table. This can help tremendously when discovering your optimal dose and ratio.  

 Keep track of things like: 

  •  What is my pain level?  
  • How comfortable and calm am I?  
  • On a scale of 1–10 how happy am I with the results?  
  • Can I complete basic work or function efficiently?  

Being able to answer these questions at different dosages and various times of the day helps to track your progress and find the right dose that works for you. 

Productivity Hacking Pro Tips 

Aside from microdosing, here are a few of our favorite productivity hacks. We want to make it easy for you to work productively, find focus, and feel a sense of calm throughout your day: 

  1. Focus on yourself – stay off your phone, take the first 30 minutes to an hour to yourself . 
  2. Write down what you want your day to look like – eat something, start your day. 
  3. Micro Dose on your breaks! A little goes a long way. 
  4. Stretch & exercise regularly – moving your body does wonders to your brain! 
  5. Break down large tasks into smaller ones – It will help with time management and focus.