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Photography by Ike Abakah

On Tues, Aug 21st, we held the discussion on “Cannabis & Performance” for our MARY Talks series in New York City with Dr. Caroline Hartridge of Hartridge Healthcare Solutions, comedian Joyelle Nicole and Dr. Craig Leivant of Flower Power Coffee.

This unique evening showcased how people can integrate cannabis into their wellness and performance regimen and discover how and why the benefits of cannabis impact our bodies and minds the way it does.

As guests made their way in, they were treated to a mix of Pure Bloom Hemp CBD infused pastries by Chef Michael Magliano from peppermint brownies, raspberry cake, truffles, chocolate chip and oat cookies and salted caramels and took home items from our brand partners, Namaste Vapes – a Penguin Vaporizer, Aerospaced 4-piece grinder, CBD infused lubricant by Hartridge Solutions, Pure Bloom CBD Peppermint Tincture, OLO sublingual strips and caramels from Flower Power Coffee.

Enjoy this photo recap and we look forward to seeing you at our next event.

MARY Talks: Cannabis & Performance

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