Keep Calm and Vape On: Namaste Vapes Share Their Favorite Vaporizers for 2018

With so many vape products and accessories on the market, choosing the best way to indulge discreetly is enough to make your head spin.

We sat down with Namaste Vapes, one of the largest international vaporizer retailers online, for their take on the best vapes on the market. They supply only the latest models of the best vaporizers, as well as grinders and bongs, making Namaste Vapes a one-stop shop for smoking enthusiasts.

Most High Tech

Experienced vapers who value precise heating control in a sleek, compact design, should consider the DaVinci IQ. This pocket sized vape heats up in a meer 16 seconds across 4 heating levels (248°F to 428°F) and can be expertly temperature controlled when used in conjunction with the compatible smartphone app. Thanks to a powerful 18650 battery, the DaVinci IQ boasts a whopping 3 hours of battery life while vaping, and over 12 hours when not in use.

Prefer a slow cooked vape? One of the amazing functions of the DaVinci IQ is its ability for users to alter how fast the chamber heats up, to avoid over cooked, wasted herb. No more charred, dried out flower. Finally!

List Price: $299.95

Namaste Vapes: $274.95

The Smooth Operator

Brought to you by the makers of the legendary Volcano Vape, comes to Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel. While larger than most handheld devices on the market, the Mighty Vaporizer is for lovers of thick, high quality vapor for dry herbs, waxes and concentrates. Convection and conduction heating, along with an extremely accurate temperature control and the included liquid pad, lends to a satisfyingly smooth smoking experience.

While Mighty fans rave about the silky smooth pulls, it’s the Mighty’s durability and 90 minute battery life while vaping that keeps this device highly rated by heavy daily users. If you’re willing to splurge, the price tag is worth it for this best-in-class, dependable product.

List Price: $399.00

Namaste Vapes: $349.00

For Beginner Vapers

Pax’s recognizable design and easy to use features, has made Pax Labs one of the most popular vape producers in the U.S., and is consistently a MARY staff favorite. The sleek, discretely sized Pax 3 boasts new and innovative features from its predecessor, the Pax 2, including longer battery life, dual-use for dry herb and concentrates, and a rapid fire 15 second warm-up time. Thanks to advanced lip sensing technology, the Pax 3 heats up when pulling and cools down when not in use. With four brilliant aluminum colors to choose from – including rose gold and teal – the Pax 3 looks as good as it smokes.   

List Price: $229.99

Namaste Vapes: $199.99

Most Stylish

Users love the sleek, retro design and pulsating glowing chamber of the Firefly 2. Heating is controlled by simply tapping on the sensors or utilizing the compatible mobile app. Six preset temperatures (340°F to 500°F) warm up in a lightning-fast 5 seconds, and heating is easily adjusted for for dry herbs or concentrates.

The borosilicate glass pathway ensures a smooth and clean tasting vapor, resulting in a nice clean flavor that’s hard to beat. And the Firefly 2’s unique convection technology only heats your herbs as you inhale, resulting in minimal over-charred flower. But it’s really the colorful personalized magnetic lids that make this vape stand out while you’re flying high.

List Price: $359.95

Namaste Vapes: $329.95

Best Value

The Arizer Solo 2 is a sophisticated, compatible vape for dry herbs that boasts most of the features of its higher priced competitors. The clear LCD screen makes it easy to expertly control temperature (122°F – 428°F), while the all-glass vapor path yields a tasty, toxin free vapor. Thanks to the two included Aroma Tubes, users can experience different types of smoking experiences, whether you like heavy thick clouds or a lighter pull. Fancy aromatherapy with your vape? The Solo 2 comes with an Aroma Dish, great for when you want infuse the smell of essential oils into your home.

Users love the Arizer Solo 2’s rapid fast 28 second initial heating time, 3x faster than the original. The all-day battery life on this small device is also pretty impressive, lasting 3 hours or 20 sessions of vaporization. With such great features under $200, the Solo 2 is hard to beat in terms of quality and affordability.

List Price: $269.95

Namaste Vapes: $187.49

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