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How CBD Improves Sex After 50

Better Sex as You Age: How Older Couples Can Use CBD in Bed

by Simona Gallant

As we age, sexual activity can become increasingly less-frequent for couples — and sometimes, it can even feel less pleasurable as our bodies change. Adjusting to your body’s ever-evolving needs and desires is always an ongoing process, so when it comes to sex, it’s important to be especially in tune with what works best for you and your partner. So, though libido may change as a person gets older, that doesn’t mean that you have to have less fun in bed. Who said sex doesn’t get better as you age?

Every day, new products and technologies are becoming available to help with stimulation and pleasure, including CBD oil . Now that it’s legal, CBD’s popularity has started to boom, particularly as a direct-to-consumer product across America. From its availability in oil tinctures, topical creams and even soaks, CBD has become just as versatile as it is practical.

And although CBD is most commonly associated with pain relief and stress reduction, the benefits don’t stop there. Recently, a few of those discoveries were made about your time in the bedroom — suggesting that CBD could enrich the sex lives of everybody, regardless of age.

This article offers insightful tips on how to use CBD to have better sex (regardless of gender) if you’re having trouble in bed or feeling a lack of inspiration. Don’t let creaky knees and early bedtimes stop you any longer!

How CBD Improves Sex for Older Couples

The benefits of CBD to help relieve discomfort are becoming more well-known and widespread. From athletes who suffer from sports injuries to adults who experience chronic joint pain,CBD can provide relief from numerous physical afflictions. Yet when it comes to sex, CBD often goes overlooked despite its numerous applications. Let’s shine some light on what some of those applications can be.

1. CBD for Lubrication

Perhaps you’ve heard of CBD topical ointments and lotions: but did you know that there are now products that directly use CBD oil for lubrication? CBD lube enhances sexual sensations through its ability to repair and relax damaged tissue and increase blood flow to the genitals. Because both men and women have many cannabinoid receptors in their reproductive organs, applying CBD can have an immense impact on sexual pleasure. By incorporating it into lubrication topicals, using CBD in the bedroom is both convenient and accessible.

2. Relief From Performance Anxiety

CBD’s ability to reduce stress are among the most commonly known benefits of the product. However, the advantage of stress relief in the bedroom often goes unnoticed despite problems that older couples may experience. As couples grow older, sex can be associated with pain and inflammation that make the experience a cause of stress about performance — particularly around maintaining an erection.

Through CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, some of the pain associated with sex can decrease. Knowing this, couples struggling with performance anxiety can focus on what matters most – allowing for some of the worries about performance to take a back seat.

3. Setting the Mood

Before you get to the bedroom, try using CBD to set the mood between you and your partner. Because of CBD’s stress-reducing benefits, many products can increase feelings of relaxation and comfort between a couple while dissuading tension and nerves. Sex can be just as much of a mental and emotional connection as a physical one, and CBD can help make the environment feel more relaxing and enjoyable before you take things to the bedroom.

Now that you’re ready to try out CBD in some of these intimate settings, let’s dive into some of the ways you can do so!

Types of Products to Help With Sex After 50

1. CBD Lubricants

Through its direct application onto the reproductive organs, CBD lube may help women become more receptive to sexual activity and increase their pleasure in the bedroom. Because of the absorbency of female reproductive organs in particular, CBD can enhance pleasure for both parties – leading to a more intense and satisfying orgasm. Rather than searching for and purchasing “CBD lube” specifically, mix some of Papa & Barkley’s CBD Drops into organic argan or coconut oil for CBD-rich homemade lube alternative!

2. Massage Oils

For older couples, setting the mood before sex can be just as important as the intercourse itself: it’s easy for our daily gripes and responsibilities to get in the way of our intimate lives. Creating a calm and sex-positive environment could be the difference between a great or a lackluster experience. Try some CBD Releaf Body Oil out in a massage to really get all those knots – and maybe even a kink or two – out of your system!

3. CBD Tinctures

If you’re a couple looking to set the mood and get those good vibes going, and also enjoy a little bit of preparation, consider using a CBD tincture in your favorite cup of tea. Ingesting CBD orally can take a little bit of time to feel the effects, but using it in a well-known and loved routine is an easy way for CBD newbies to experiment with it for the first time.

Before Buying CBD

If you’re interested in incorporating CBD into your bedroom, there are a few things and best practices to keep in mind before you do.

● Do your research. CBD can come in different qualities and different forms. It’s important to invest in a highly-rated product to ensure that you’re reaping the full benefits of CBD safely and effectively. Deciding which product is best suited for your unique needs – make sure you read some customer reviews and stick only to well-known brands and products that can provide relevant COA’s and any nutrition facts.

● Mind your dosage. Just like the variety of products and qualities, CBD products also come in different amounts that will vary in strength and effectiveness. Like trying anything new, it’s best to start low and go slow until you find your ideal amount.

● Timing is everything. The effects and benefits of CBD can often take a little while to become apparent depending on the user. Again, you’ll have to experiment to find out when you should take CBD to get the best experience possible. Generally, it is best to plan ahead and apply CBD between a half-hour and hour before for the body to absorb it.

It’s no secret that our relationship with sex is a constantly changing part of our lives: however, this doesn’t have to mean that intercourse has to become a thing of the past even as we age. Through the evolution of CBD products that have made their way into the bedroom, sex can become enjoyable and exciting once again.