Viola Hosts Launch Event for Social Equity Program Debut, Viola Cares with Root and Rebound in LA

(Van Lathan, Eliana Green, Sandra Johnson, Al Harrington, Katherine Katcher, and Ericka Pittman gather for the Viola and R&R “The Effect of Social Impact and the Path Forward” Panel)

Photo by Jorge Meza

Earlier this week, cannabis brand, Viola, founded by NBA veteran Al Harrington, hosted the official launch of its social equity program debut, Viola Cares. The event which took place at its Hollywood HQ, kicked off the program with non-profit partner Root and Rebound.

The evening commenced with Viola CMO Ericka Pittman who welcomed guests with opening remarks. 

Viola co-founder, Al Harrington, then introduced the partnership sharing how Viola plans to use their platform to amplify the work and impact of Root and Rebound.  

Root and Rebound team Eliana Green and Sandra Johnson led by Founder and Director, Katherine Katcher joined Al Harrington to kick off the moderated panel. The fireside chat, “The Effect of Social Impact and the Path Forward,” dove into the current issues our country currently faces with mass incarceration. Sandra candidly shared her first-hand experiences being collateral damage from the war on drugs and disclosed her re-entry journey through Root and Rebound. Sandra tearfully explained how the system had held her hostage to her past as she struggled to find and hold jobs despite doing everything right.

Al Harrington opened up about the brand legacy that has shaped the New Leaf initiative and the ways in which it will alter the trajectory of social equity moving forward. Both Viola and Root and Rebound shared with the room the victorious outcome they envision through the alliance: the ability to employ every person that returns from incarceration as they reintegrate back into society.

Viola Cares Debut

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