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Fast Buds Launches the Most Potent Autoflowering Seeds for 2022

Fast Buds, one of the biggest autoflower breeders has just announced this year’s lineup for the 2022 season, their talented team has put their heads together to come out with some exceptional strains, doing their part in establishing the (highest) standards on autoflower cannabis genetics.

From conducting resistance tests to tasting every single plant, their professional breeding team has strict quality standards in order to be able to identify the most desirable traits and select the best phenotypes, resulting in a handful of autoflowering varieties with unique cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

The company has been working on these strains for years, and thanks to the extensive testing and quality control, the results are amazing and out there for customers to try.

“What makes these strains different from what’s already on the market is the strict quality control as it takes a lot of time and dedication, but most importantly passion and knowledge to be able to identify the best genetics to start with. We want to offer the best seeds on the market, and our tests have shown a great increase in yields, trichome production, and overall genetic quality. So we’re certain we’re on the right path,” said Enzo Schillaci, the company spokesman.

Since 2010 the company has been constantly working and researching in order to come up with a whole new line of modern autoflowers, Fast Buds is super excited to share their latest line of fast-growing and high-yielding with growers around the world. The company will continue to put in the effort to make sure clients are happy and most important of all, continue to produce seeds that address both home growers’ and commercial growers’ needs.

Fast Buds newly released 2022 lineup, includes:

With up to 25% THC, it’s a new-school hybrid that comes with a hard-to-describe terpene profile reminiscent of old-school flavors.

An extremely flavorful autoflower with exceptional 25% THC boasting exceptional sweet cherry terps with a strong fizzy background.

A perfectly balanced auto hybrid with up to 27% THC that reeks of a pungent berry and diesel mix.

26% THC nugs with a candy-like terpene profile.

The perfect everyday strain for those looking to get a balanced effect that reduces anxiety and gets users focused.

Pungent sour fruit cocktail terps that come hand-in-hand with an almost psychedelic effect.