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Presidential Announces Integrated Partnership with Rove for New Pre-Rolls & Blunts in California

Presidential Cannabis Co., one of the largest infused flower cannabis companies and a leading maker of pre-rolls in California, announced an integrated partnership with Rove, legacy cannabis manufacturer and one of the fastest-growing cannabis companies in the nation.

Presidential’s newest pre-rolled products feature high-quality flower infused through Presidenitial’s proprietary process with premium THC distillate formulated by Rove and coated in the highest-quality kief. The results are potent, slow-burning Moon Rocks, which are then ground and rolled in 1g and 1.5g organic hemp cones and 100% tobacco free blunt wraps, respectively. Presidential x Rove Moon Rock products come individually wrapped and are currently available in the classic sativa strain, Waui. The native Hawaiian strain activates euphoric, stress-relieving qualities and contains notes of sweet pineapple and other tropical flavors. Both Presidential and Rove use flower that is grown without any chemicals or pesticides.

One of the founding fathers of infused products in the U.S., Presidential combines high-quality flower with cutting-edge science and technology to create safe, reliable and innovative products. Rove provides premium, individualized cannabis experiences through its advanced cultivation, extraction and R&D techniques.

“The collaboration between Presidential and Rove has been in the works for a long time and we’re excited about what our teams can accomplish together as the products hit shelves,” said Everett Smith, co-founder and CEO of Presidential. “We both share the same goals of providing California consumers with meticulously crafted, high-quality products, and it’s key that Presidential continues to build on the strength of our products and our growing roster of strategic collaborations as we look to expand our reach into new markets. “

“Presidential is the champion of Moon Rocks and infused pre-rolls,” said Paul Jacobson, CEO of Rove. “This collaboration is a superior choice for experienced connoisseurs seeking chemical and pesticide-free flower and potent experiences. We’re proud to partner with Presidential on this launch and provide consumers with the best and most innovative products.”

Previously, Presidential has launched Moon Rock pre-roll collaborations with renowned cannabis brands including Moxie and THC Design.