Devambez Are Your Rolling Papers for Special Occasions

Just like when your parents had company and brought the “good silver” to entertain and impress their hosts, the times have returned where we showcase your premium rolling papers to your loved ones – why wouldn’t you want to enjoy your top-shelf bud with some top-shelf paper?

It is inevitable that a group of enthusiasts would start wanting the best possible products and experiences, as we seen a swarm of products catering to the more financially stable and affluent user. Finally companies are opening up their eyes and targeting this consumer.

So what would premium rolling papers cost you? Devambez papers will range between $38 to $88 and for the average consumer that’s over 25x the cost of RAW or Elements papers, which are two of the most popular brands globally.

Devambez was founded in 1826 in France working with royal families making their dinner menus, invitations, and name cards for all occasions. Once royal families in France started to lose power and respect, the business shifted into producing high-quality stationery for some of the most famous artists of the 20th century, including Picasso, Rodin, and De Chirico, making Devambez experts when it comes to selecting quality paper.

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Their creative direction was key to their rise making sure everything they did was done with the highest level of quality, precision, and taste. For a while they became an advertising agency until taking a bit of a hiatus until recent years when they were commissioned by Goyard to produce a book filled with masterful prints showcasing how extreme and opulent traveling used to be back when ships were the prominent way to travel, and your staff was handling all your custom made trunks carrying your newly purchased items from other lands.

After completing that project which took years, back to the drawing board Devambez went as they tried to figure out how paper is used the most in today’s world. High quality stationary is more novelty now and with money and important documents all becoming electronic, where does paper fit in? Finally they landed on rolling paper, one of the few ways paper is actually thriving and growing in this digital age.

The idea was to create something very elevated and elegant, while staying true to french luxury. It was a process to start developing this. They worked with JOB de Jean Bardou, which is also a very influential and important player in the luxury rolling paper world to help flush out their idea. They took their time to find the perfect organic hemp paper, which they have found in in the Champagne region right next to Moet Chandon’s fields.

Devambez did not cut any corners when they were working with royal families, or when working top artists, and are not cutting any corners now that they have moved into the world of smoking accessories. Their boxes are made by the same company that makes Chanel and Hermes’, the gold leaf logo is done by a marquage artisan who was named a national living treasure in France.

Their first delivery was to colette right before they closed back in 2017 as a personal ask from Sarah Andelman, which was a pivotal moment for them in terms of launching it to the world. They teamed up with Barney’s to be apart of their “High End” section focusing on quality smoking products in their LA location, and later curated a permanent standing section in the Flagship Madison Avenue location o the ground floor before the legendary stores closed.

You can currently find their products and stay up to date on their new items by visiting their site

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