This little bottle is on a big mission – Meet Hilani WAVE 2.0

Being a human being is stressful enough, but no one could quite anticipate the level of collective stress occurring worldwide. Hilani WAVE 2.0, is an adaptogenic stress relief tincture. 

The two creative geniuses behind the Pluto brand, Lincoln Barnett and Michael Garganese, created Hilani because they are watching friends, family, and colleagues struggle with the pitfalls of stress. Life isn’t meant to be constantly overwhelming. Lincoln and Michael want to help people find their calm as they collectively adjust to the new normal.

When lockdown hit, this dynamic duo immediately got to work, refining their flagship product, Hilani WAVE, to help more people balance their emotions and support their well-being.

Like its groundbreaking predecessor, Hilani, Hilani WAVE 2.0 harnesses natural ingredients that can reduce stress levels, produce calm states of mind, and increase productivity, with the added benefits of Fulvic Acid, Ocean Minerals and Ionic Copper. 

Hilani’s proprietary blend of adaptogenic ingredients work symbiotically with the body to meet specific needs to reduce stress. WAVE 2.0 helps combat the long-term effects of stress by supporting nourishment to protect against adrenal fatigue. The anti-inflammatory effects of the formulation can help improve overall homeostasis.

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