Papa & Barkley Announces Its Commitment To Clean Cannabis and Introduces Living Tincture

California’s own Papa & Barkley has announced and released it’s Declaration of Clean Cannabis – a set of principles that define the rigorous steps that their products undergo from soil to shelf in order to produce clean cannabis wellness products with premium ingredients.

As the cannabis industry is still evolving at the national level, Papa & Barkley has the opportunity to lead the industry by example with some of the most popular and well received topicals and tinctures, while also educating consumers on what to look for when researching and purchasing cannabis and CBD products.  

The brand also introduces their latest addition to their product line, it’s Living Tincture, a raw, full-spectrum THCa tincture made from fresh-frozen cannabis flower infused in MCT oil at low-heat, which promotes overall
wellness with a full terpene profile. Papa & Barkley’s Living Tincture
is the first tincture in the California cannabis market made from
fresh-frozen, not cured, plants.

Key Benefits

• Promotes alertness, focus, comfort and stress reduction
• Unrivaled flavor and terpene profile
• Discreet and fast-acting
• THCa is the raw form of THC, it offers the benefits of THC without the psychoactivity

“We believe in clean cannabis as being at the core of what we do,” said Adam Grossman, Founder and CEO of Papa & Barkley. “Our mission is to unlock the potential of cannabis to improve people’s lives, and we are committed to sourcing clean cannabis and making great products using best-in-class production methods.”  

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The Declaration of Clean Cannabis includes five key principles: 

  1. Organic and regenerative farming practices – Choose trusted farm partners in the U.S. who use native soil, organic and regenerative farming practices when growing both cannabis and hemp plants.   
  2. Solventless – Avoid solvents and chemical extraction methods that yield isolates or distillates; employ a solventless whole plant infusion process that maintains the integrity of the plant and creates more effective products.  
  3. Whole plant infusion – By infusing the whole plant, it maintains the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, chlorophyll and valuable phytonutrients; naturally infused into products without the use of chemicals or adding terpenes.  
  4. Clean ingredients – Supporting ingredients such as carrier oils, essential oils and beeswax are clean, conscientiously sourced and made with no residual chemicals.  
  5. Triple-tested by third-party – To ensure the product is clean throughout the process from soil to shelf, its crucial to test the product at three stages – the input cannabis plant material, the infused oil and the final blended product. 

To read the Declaration of Clean Cannabis and learn more about the principles of clean cannabis, visit: