11 Cannabis Products for Maintaining a WAP

Leave it to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion to write the ultimate guide for being an empowered sex-worker (or a feminist free spirit, depending on your point of view). While these divas will have us believe their WAPs are an all-natural by-product of their divine ferocity, mere mortals may achieve WAPness with cannabis and CBD-based, consumer packaged goods (CPGs) including the ones below.

Herba Buena’s Quiver Sensual Pleasure Cannabis Oil is a saucy, stimulating orgasm enhancement. Rather than applying it liberally, like a lubricant, discretely put a few drops on your clitoris about 20 minutes before you plan on having sex – even if it is with yourself. Chances are, you will experience more intense Os.

High On Love’s Stimulating O Gel

While this clear gel certainly provides a premium glide that rivals K-Y Intense Pleasure Gel, the long-lasting, cool, minty, tingling sensation may be distracting and slightly desensitizing for some people who might be too conscious of it the entire time during intercourse. However, if you want your vagina to feel like a sparkly clean, fresh mouth that was just brushed with Dr. Bronner’s peppermint toothpaste, or like you inserted an Altoid into your love tunnel, then, by all means, you will love this product.

Like many lubes, encouraging your partner to help you apply it digitally to enhance foreplay Is half the fun.

In the polarizing world of Los Angeles’s female archetypes, where women only come in versions of Betty or Veronica, anyone from an adult film star to a Stepford Wife could enjoy this product.

Moreover, the gorgeous rose gold packaging is reminiscent of ultra-luxury skincare products from La Mer Gennaissance and deserves to be prominently displayed on the nightstand rather than stashed in the sex drawer.

Glissant is French for “sliding,” or “slippery” which speaks for itself. The company is co-founded by Renee Garacochea and an urologist, Dr. Karyn Eilber, who describes their product as “a modern-day lubricant for the empowered woman.” Glissant Intimate Huile D’amour (oil of love) lubricant spray is infused with 100 mg of CBD and CBG for the entourage effect, and botanicals known by faeries to promote seduction. Ginseng, maca, allium, and horny goat leaf are rumored to be aphrodisiacs, while CBD, CBG, and evening primrose oil may heighten sensation by increasing blood flow to private parts. A smidge of peppermint creates a cooling sensation, like High on Love’s O gel, but with a hint of spicy cinnamon for balance. Provocative and playful with sleek, sexy, black packaging, this luxuriant product line is the Chanel of CBD lubes.

Karezza, cheekily named after the sex practice, also known as hygge sex, and manufactured by Life Bloom Organics, has a plant-based product line of oral sprays including, In the Moment and Women’s Daily Sexual Wellness Supplement. Both contain herbs, adaptogens, and essential oils. While In the Moment is used for “mind and body mood elevation” with five milligrams of hemp extract per spray, Women’s Daily is purportedly for overall sexual wellness and contains five milligrams of CBD per spray.

In addition to CBD, the daily formula contains asparagus root, fenugreek seed, maca root, Ashwagandha root, Eleuthero root and root bark, raspberry leaf, nettle leaf, lemon seed essential oil, blue agave, olive oil, stevia sweetener, sodium citrate, and cordyceps. All of these ingredients, sans the latter two, are organic.

Personally, if you have to spray something under your tongue three times a day, indefinitely, to try to maintain sexual wellness, you might as well get vaginal rejuvenation (or a revagination) instead.

While vaginal rejuvenation is highly recommended to combat vaginal laxity, increase lubrication, and maintain a WAP, Hello Again wants to “bring harmony back to your v-force!”

Believe it or not, sticking a cannabis suppository up your yoni can be surprisingly effective for shedding inhibitions. Sex during or after menopause does not have to be as uncomfortable or complicated as it sounds.

Everyday for daytime relief promotes a clear mind (clarity), good moods, energy, a regulated body temperature, less sweating, and vaginal moisture. Each vaginal suppository contains an 8:1 CBD to THC ratio with 16mg of CBD to two milligrams of THC. Additional ingredients include cocoa butter, avocado oil, green tea extract, and helichrysum (sunflower).

Everyday’s nighttime counterpart, simply called Sleep, promotes –you guessed it– sound sleep, with nighttime relief for cool temps, good mornings, balanced moods, and vaginal lubrication. Besides containing cocoa butter, avocado oil, and hops like Everyday, the Sleep formula also contains valerian root for relaxation and melatonin. Other ingredients include lavender, Cape and Roman camomile, and Neroli oil.

If all is functioning as well as can be expected and you still have a WAP but are not in the mood, a Pepto Bismol pink canister of 1906 “plant-based pills for arousal,” AKA Love Drops, are worth the investment. Each tablet contains an equally hot pink blend of five herbal aphrodisiacs and a ratio of two and a half milligrams of cannabis to CBD. These little Hello Kitty pink pills stimulate the onset of arousal in approximately 20 minutes.  If you’re stuck in quarantine lockdown with nothing to do but Netflix and chill, a cute, tiny tin of 30 tablets should last for a month. Meow.

Humboldt Apothecary‘s Love Potion No.7 is a cannabis-infused, THC tincture with a serving size of eight-point four milligrams of THC per one-milliliter serving.

The manufacturer suggests shaking it well, then putting it under the tongue. Adding a squirt to water, tea, or juice are also options.

In addition to cannabis, the tincture contains coconut MCT oil, Damiana, cinnamon, kava kava, cardamom, roasted cacao nibs, vanilla bean, vitamin E, and sweetener stevia. It also contains coconut and non-GMO soy.

While Foria’s Awaken is the pre-eminent cannabis-based lubricant for enhancing le petit mort, Foria’s Relief CBD Suppositories (formerly called Basic Suppositories) are perfect for après-bez.

Formulated for period and inflammation relief or local muscular relaxation, individuals may use the suppositories vaginally or rectally. (Common sense dictates administering it vaginally for vaginal issues.) There is anecdotal evidence to support relief benefits for vaginismus, vulvodynia, interstitial cystitis, endometriosis, other pelvic and genital pain conditions, and relief of menopausal challenges.

Additionally, anyone prone to yeast infections, BV, or has latex or sperm allergies should try inserting a Foria suppository into the vagina directly after a post-sex shower. These little wonders are a miracle cure and continue to inspire further interest from the medical community.

Foria is moving forward with a double-blind placebo-controlled study with Andrew T. Goldstein, MD at The Centers for Vulvovaginal Disorders in Washington, D.C. Stay tuned to MARY for the results.

Foria Relief CBD Suppositories come in a box of eight. Each contains 100 milligrams of broad-spectrum hemp extract in organic cocoa butter. The brand recommends putting them in the refrigerator for 15 minutes before insertion, so they are solidified and ready to rock.

Think of Quim Happy Clam Everyday oil as eye serum for your vagina. Stand up comic Sheng Wang once quipped, “Why do people say ‘grow some balls’? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you want to be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding.”

On that note, keep your clobbered clam happy with some aftercare. Once your partner is done mashing it up, try massaging some Quim into your pum pum, post-haste.

Happy Clam contains Apricot Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, (coconut), MCT Oil, Calendula, Olive Oil, Damiana, Tea Tree Oil, Violet, Hemp CBD (Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Oil).

A typical application contains one and a half to two milligrams of CBD. The manufacturer suggests applying three to five pumps after bathing, before bed, after sex, when PMSing or menstruating, postpartum, or anytime your quim needs some CBD-based TLC.

While the old saying goes, “You can’t treat a ho like a housewife,” women from all walks of life, from that dried up witch in your office who needs to get laid, to a loved one struggling with atrophic vaginosis may maintain an enviable WAP with some of these products. Those who may not have an Hermès Birkin in every color of the rainbow, like Cardi, can nonetheless easily maintain a WAP worthy of a sonnet.