Old Pal Announces the Release of Old Pal Ale

Old Pal announces the launch of Old Pal Ale, a beverage extension that celebrates the same message of shareability that is synonymous with the Old Pal name. Brewed in small batches and available in 4-pack 16oz cans, Old Pal Ale expands on the lifestyle central to the Old Pal brand, from Old Pal classic shareable cannabis products to the wide range of items developed under Old Pal Provisions that encourage community and connection. After all, the idea for Old Pal was born over a couple of cold ones and noticing how simple rituals bring people together.

A number of beer brands like Pabst and Lagunitas look to cannabis companies to expand their reach and with Aphria’s acquisition of Sweetwater Brewing the cannabis and brewing cross pollination is accelerating. Old Pal is joining this effort by collaborating on its first signature beer. Old Pal Ale is a traditional ale that does not include THC or CBD; it’s just brewed to be beer. “If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that we all need to find ways to create shareable experiences with our friends and community, so we worked to create OPA to give our community another way to come together,” added Charlie Cangialosi, Old Pal’s COO and former Anheuser-Busch InBev executive.

The Old Pal community has come to enjoy relatable, consistent strains and enjoyable smokable products so in a similar spirit, Old Pal Ale is a light and refreshing ale with a soft malt sweetness and a touch of hops. It’s light and drinkable but boasts a complex taste with notes of sweet citrus, honey, floral and ripe berry. The can is designed by Old Pal’s creative partner, LAND who have defined a look for other recognizable brands in the beverage space like Stumptown Coffee and Madre Mezcal.

The announcement comes shortly after news of the growth of the Old Pal Brand into Oklahoma marking the fourth state where Old Pal cannabis products can be found. With this and the further recognition of the Old Pal look nationwide, Old Pal Ale ditches gimmicks seen in the beverage industry and instead expands on the idea that like cannabis, beer brings people together to bond over a beverage, especially at a time when we’re sticking to small groups of friends and family to weather the pandemic.