YEENJOY STUDIO Creates Cannabis Leaf Incense Chamber

YEENJOY STUDIO has unveiled its latest ceramic edition: a cannabis leaf incense chamber. Treated with a washed-out blue finish that evokes traditional Chinese craftsmanship, the cannabis leaf is situated on top of a box that reads “Cannabis Sativa L,” the name of the herbaceous species originating from Eastern Asia which has been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years.

The 30-centimeter tall incense chamber boasts highly-detailed marks on its seven leaflets. The base of the leaf attaches to the cover of the book which acts as a removable lid for the chamber. Numerous smoke holes are located around the edges of each leaflet and along the pages of the book, allowing smoke to pass through.

For more incense-related products, YEENJOY STUDIO has teamed up with Tokyo-based home fragrance imprint Kuumba for a pack of 28 Chinese medicine-inspired incense sticks. The packaging features traditional Chinese characters surrounding an image of a Chinese herbal medicine store. Two figures are shown measuring out the correct amount of herbal ingredients used to treat a number of different issues and ailments.

Take a closer look at the Cannabis Leaf Incense Chamber and Kuumba incense pack above. The items are available now on YEENJOY STUDIO’s website for $250 USD and $25 USD, respectively.