WYLLOW, Female Forward Cannabis Brand Makes Bay Area Debut

WYLLOW, a new Los Angeles based female-owned cannabis brand announced their entry into the Bay Area by popular demand. Thanks to premium quality cannabis supplier, STIIIZY, a limited release of WYLLOW’s exclusive new strain, “Gelato,” will be available for purchase only at STIIIZY flagship stores in both San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

WYLLOW debuted three introductory strains in August 2020 for their launch. Shortly after, WYLLOW saw their most popular Sativa strain “Mimosa” spark interest along the California coast. Now, WYLLOW is extending their product line into the San Francisco Bay Area with “Gelato,” which will be accompanied by a custom VR Instagram filter featuring the collaboration.

With both brands rooted in Los Angeles, tapping into the Bay Area STIIIZY footprint was a no-brainer for WYLLOW Founder, Camille Roistacher. As a female entrepreneur, Camille’s vision for WYLLOW is to play on femininity, while remaining a top-shelf brand, designed and intended for cannabis connoisseurs of all walks of life.

“We’re so excited to partner with STIIIZY and introduce a new exclusive strain. We couldn’t imagine a better opportunity to enter the San Francisco Bay Area” – CEO & Founder Camille Roistacher.

WYLLOW offers premium exotic indoor-grown cannabis. The cultivators sourced by the WYLLOW parent company, Voyage Distribution, have over 100 years of combined experience between first-generation to legacy growers all over California. WYLLOW promotes balance, wellness, and self-care which is reflected in every extension of the brand. From the unparalleled attention to detail and superior growing methods, to their carefully selected dispensary partnerships, to their day-to-day interactions with their consumer community, WYLLOW aims to resonate with all cannabis enthusiasts.