Pax 3 Releases Updated New Line Of Smartphone-Inspired Colors

San Francisco-based Pax Labs shares new looks into their flagship vaporizer, the Pax 3. Produced to vaporize flower and concentrates with a slick design and finishes reminiscent of smartphones. In keeping up with trends in consumer electronics, Pax Labs has announced four new Pax 3 finishes, Onyx, Burgundy, Sand, and Sage, available now.

The Pax 3 comes housed in a fold-out box where one panel is a pocket, housing the similarly tech-styled quick start guide, and the front features a hero shot of the device contrasted against a muted background. Once you slide the box out and open it up, you’re greeted by the logo against plateaued layers of white sand and opposite flap reading, “every detail matters.”

In addition to being available in colors complementary to contemporary smartphones, Pax 3 also has a companion app, one that monitors and reports session metrics and allows user to customize their vaping experience. Due to Apple’s App Store policy on cannabis, however, it is only available for Android.