An Inside Look At Superette’s New Cannabis Retail Shop

 Photography by Alex Lysakowski

Canada’s own and award-winning cannabis retail brand Superette unveils Sip ‘N’ Smoke, a first of its kind “express” cannabis retail concept located in Toronto’s Trinity-Bellwoods park.

Looking at the existing cannabis retail experience and completely reimagining that comes, Sip ‘N’ Smoke,  a 690 sq ft kiosk serving only pre-rolls and beverages that are meant to be enjoyed at the park. Superette Bellwoods’ walk-up location and cafeteria style shopping experience pushes the boundaries to demonstrate innovation in customer journey, product curation, and retail principles for a smaller footprint cannabis shop.

As recreational legalization becomes more widespread, Superette’s retail model to build an emotional connection with consumers through hyperlocal elements and an immersive, gamified shopping experience has quickly become the global gold standard for the evolution of cannabis retail. 

Marking the company’s fifth store opening, Superette Bellwoods’ parkside grab “n” go express concept features all the hallmarks of Superette’s intentionally nostalgic retail environments, featuring a sunny color palette and white and yellow checkerboard tile floor as a tribute to beloved convenience store brands. Bellwoods Sip ‘N’ Smoke exclusively sells a curated selection of ready-to-consume pre-rolls and beverages, creating an intentionally narrow product focus. Staying true to the convenience store concept, Sip ‘N’ Smoke does not have a menu. Instead, customers pick up a tray and head down the line, similar to a Cafeteria, while guided by a budtender. In addition to the hyper-focused cannabis product offering, customers can pick up other park-ready lifestyle items including portable speakers, blankets, bottle openers and totes from Superette’s product line to enjoy in the park. 

Since its inception, Superette’s award-winning design is rooted in the antithesis of sterile cannabis retail, lead by a team of retail experts who bring decades of experience and a welcome fresh perspective to the cannabis sector, Superette Co-Founders Mimi Lam (formerly head of Corporate Development at Tokyo Smoke) and Drummond Munro (formerly head of Retail Development at Tokyo SmokeHerschel Supply Co. and Kit and Ace) ingeniously adapt each new Superette location for the neighborhood it opens in, drawing influence from familiar brick and mortar environments to create hyperlocal, immersive retail experiences. Bellwoods’ Sip ‘N’ Smoke marks the first of the brand’s new innovative retail concepts, which include upcoming locations at Toronto’s Stackt Market featuring Superette’s new SuperMarket concept, as well as an upcoming Superette SnackBar and more. 

By 2022, Superette will bring their “friendly neighborhood cannabis shop” retail concepts to the US market with flagship locations in New York and Los Angeles.