Sherbinskis and Gelato Festival Partner to Launch Limited Edition CBD-Infused Vegan Gelato

Sherbinskis places themselves at the forefront of the cannabis industry again with their latest collaboration with newly rebranded Italian gelato company, Gelato Festival and has launched limited edition CBD-infused delicacies inspired by Sherbinskis world-famous cannabis strains.

The exclusive collaboration is made of three vegan flavors including Sunset Sherbert, inspired by the colors of the sunset and a refreshing combination of pink strawberry, red Sicilian blood orange, yellow Sicillian mandarin and white fresh peeled bananas; Bacio Gelato 41, a decadent mix of hazelnuts, cocoa, with the special Gelato Festival oat base; and a one-of-a-kind Acai Berry, a sorbetto with a smooth combination of acai berries, bananas and crunchy granola.  

“This is the second year we are partnering with Sherbinskis, a collaboration founded by two entrepreneurs with the goal of making people happy with gelato. We created a limited number of boxes that are available to ship nationally for those who want to treat themselves during this summer heat!” said Gabriele Poli, Gelato Festival’s founder and president.

For these exclusive recipes, Sherbinskis blended in a full-spectrum CBD extracted from the hemp plant. To ensure the CBD is properly absorbed into the body, Sherbinskis uses the 2Cyte technology that wraps the CBD oil molecule in a water-absorbing “shell” which then delivers the CBD into the body in its most pure form and gets absorbed 3x faster, for increased effects. 

“I hope these pints take you to your happy place, so grab your spoon and I’ll meet you there. Dessert first!” said Mario Guzman, Sherbinskis founder.

The boxes are now available for purchase starting at $109 exclusively from the Gelato Festival website with the boxes being shipped in late August. Each box contains five pints of gelato.