How A Joke Created ‘Puff’ The Rubber Chicken Bong

What began as an impromptu experiment using a classic rubber dog toy has developed into a custom-made bong and the best part? The chicken actually squeaks when you smoke it. 

The idea initially occurred to MSCHF during a one-day hackathon, when they created a bong from a rubber chicken dog toy, some PVC pipe and a hollowed-out carrot. Committing to the concept, they further developed the prototype to create the final design by replicating the chicken from molded silicone and replacing the carrot with proper glass smoking hardware.

Studio MSCHF has also preserved the rubber chicken squeak, which is triggered by the passage of air whenever a user hits the bong. “Puff” is formed with a matte finish and smooth curves, making it a pleasure to hold and use. Other details include the chicken’s perpetually astonished open mouth and lazily bloodshot eyes. It’s 100% food-grade silicone construction means that it is dishwasher safe – a major advantage for a smoking implement.