French Company Creates Hemp Fiber Face Mask

Geochanvre is a french industrial company using sustainable development with zero-waste industrialized production of natural, biodegradable, and biocompostable geotextiles for planting, and packaging. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the company saw that their compostable material could also be used as a safe filter for masks.

Designed and produced in France, the mask is biocompostable, composed of a 100% vegetable filtering felt in natural french hemp fibers, with performance controlled by the DGA, conform to the UNS 2 category, and sold ready-to-use or as a kit depending on your needs.

Advantages of the Geochanvre mask include 89% filtration efficiency level at 3 μm particles, air permeability of 459 liters / m2 / sec for depression of 100 Pa, and a natural, local compostable product. The single-use mask features filtering felt hemp without glue, additives or treatment, lined with a dark protective veil in compostable cornstarch. The elastic band used to fix the mask on your face is also recyclable.

The Geochanvre mask is completely on the norm of bio-compostable masks costing less than one euro each. you can order from 50 to 250 to 400 masks, where the box of 50 is sold for only €34.29. they can also be customized and have your logo on the front.