“Lady Buds” Documentary Premieres on STARZ on March 1st

The award-winning documentary “Lady Buds” will be having its broadcast premiere on the STARZ Network on March 1st at 8pm EST!

As part of the STARZ launch, the film has partnered with two women-owned cannabis dispensaries to promote and celebrate women-owned cannabis brands in California.

In the Bay Area, they’ve joined forces with Sava, California’s largest women-owned delivery service. As a women-, queer-, and Latinx-owned brand, Sava supports inclusivity by committing that 50% of the brands they carry be women-owned and at least 25% be BIPOC-owned. In honor of the film’s launch on STARZ, Sava is offering a limited-edition exclusive box of products curated by the “Lady Buds” team, including some of their favorites from women-owned brands Arcanna, Sonoma Hills Farm, Kikoko, Garden Society, and Sonder. Use our coupon code ladybuds for $30 off your first order from www.getsava.com, and if you order before the end of February, you’ll get an additional $20 off!

In Los Angeles, Lady Buds partnered with Josephine & Billie’s, the nation’s first cannabis dispensary focused on the needs of Women of Color. Dedicated to being a communal, creative and safe space for cannabis education and exploration, Josephine & Billie’s “Teapad,” delivers a unique and sexy jazz age vibe to retail consumers. The store is a modern throwback to the timeless spirits of Josephine Baker and Billie Holiday, and specializes in offering exciting first in class in-store experiences that allow connoisseurs to connect and learn more about the plant.

In honor of the STARZ launch, Josephine & Billie’s will have a display in their dispensary of women-owned products, including Arcanna, as well as several other women-owned brands!

With the purchase of Sava’s box set and the women-owned brands highlighted at Josephine & Billie’s, consumers will receive a special link to an exclusive Q&A session with the filmmakers and the women in the film scheduled for 7pm PT on March 8th, International Women’s Day!

“I’m constantly being asked how people can support the women in the film and women in the industry after learning about the inequalities that exist in cannabis through “Lady Buds.” Collaborating with groundbreaking women-owned businesses and brands is an organic way to connect the film’s storytelling with companies consumers can directly support that align with their values.” says Director CJ Russo.