A Strain for Every Scare – MARY’S 2020 Guide for Halloween

Ah, Halloween, the most wonderful time of the year if you ask me! The veil between the living and the spirit world is at its thinnest, heightening both our intuition and our innate fear of the unknown. It’s a time for honoring those who have come and gone, while embracing the ones we still have near. It’s also the ideal time for bone-chilling activities, including hours-long marathons of your favorite scary movies. And since I believe it’s my soul’s mission to get everyone into the creepy holiday spirit, I’ve curated a short list of some of my favorite horror films while carefully pairing each one with some really bomb cannabis. Keep in mind this list is just to get you going. There are countless horrifying classics available to stream at the moment; frankly I’d have to make another 3-4 lists just to cover them all. Which is why I highly encourage you to pursue these eerie vibes and discover some new horrors of your own. 

The Evil Dead (Original) – Garlic Breath by Good Flower

If it’s a low budget and darkly humorous movie you’re craving then look no further, “The Evil Dead” is it. Making his directorial debut in 1981, Sam Raimi caught the attention of millions with this cult classic. If you’re unfamiliar with Raimi’s work, he also directed the Spider-Man trilogy, and another horror film I highly recommend “Drag Me to Hell”. The acting in “The Evil Dead” is cringeworthy to say the least, but it’s also what makes the movie so great. Raimi’s approach to a traditional horror movie structure is albeit quite savage. I definitely found myself screaming at the characters on my television screen; an indication of any good horror film in my opinion. It’s a tale as old as time, a group of young adults just trying to get away from the daily grind but sadly find themselves amidst the creepy crawlers that come out at night. I paired “The Evil Dead” with Good Flower’s “Garlic Breath” because, well let’s be real, wouldn’t a zombie’s breath smell as foul as garlic? Luckily for us this indica flower will not leave our mouths any less desirable on this All Hallows’ Eve. This strain will have you ridiculously couch-locked while you stare in awe of this almost 40 year old film. Side-bar: I can not believe the 80’s were 40 years ago… talk about terrifying! 

Available to stream on Netflix

The Wailing – Brûlée by Maven Genetics

Here’s one for all my foreign film lovers. “The Wailing” is an intense mystery thriller by Korean director and screenwriter Hong-Jin Na. Not only will you be transported to new sights, something I think we can all appreciate considering the never-ending quarantine that is 2020, but you’ll also find yourself immersed in a new culture. Taking place in a small South Korean village, we find ourselves and the characters in the midst of an infectious outbreak causing bizarre murders. Could it be the town’s newest resident committing the crimes? Or is it something supernatural? The cinematography is executed beautifully; even the parts involving the consumption of raw animal carcasses. The only thing more jarring than the shots, is the fact that I was still hungry afterwards. I blame it on all the delicious Korean food that was on my screen. With this hunger in mind, I paired “The Wailing” with Maven Genetics’ dessert indica “Brûlée”. A delicious blend of Peanut Butter Breath and Garlic Butter, this indica flower is smooth, tasty and very sedating. I immediately fell for the nutty notes and purple buds when I first saw the “Brûlée” strain. I’m happy I chose this calming high for the emotional rollercoaster that is this ghastly movie. 

Available to stream on Amazon Prime

Ready or Not – Black Jack by Korova

Whether or not this movie is meant to be a metaphor for marriage, it certainly implies that marriage is no easy feat; not even on your wedding night. Grace, played by the stunning Samara Weaving, quickly realizes she’s not only marrying her dream-boat partner, but she’s marrying his rich family and their weird-ass traditions too. How does this differ from any other marriage? Well, I’m assuming your in-laws aren’t actually trying to kill you. At least not most of you. In this case, Grace is forced to earn her place within the Lo Domas family fortune, but the question remains, does she even want it? In honor of this wealthy family’s love for games and chance, I’m pairing “Ready or Not” with the classic invigorating hybrid “Black Jack” by Korova. The combination between Jack Herer and Black Domino produces huge hits of euphoria and relaxation; sentiments that might help you stay optimistic during this grueling family reunion. This buzzy high steadily increases alongside the gritty action and WTF? moments of the film. 

Available to stream on HBO

The Cabin in the Woods – Kushberry Cheesecake by LA Kush

This movie is unlike any other horror film… kind of. See, it has everything you’d expect from a scary movie like the cautious virgin, the ridiculously gorgeous jock, and (without fail) the promiscuous blonde. However, “The Cabin in the Woods” plot is different from anything I’ve ever seen before; that was until I watched “The Evil Dead” (not a spoiler I promise). But there is something very different about this film – think occult Illuminati vibes paired with stoner jokes and monsters you didn’t know existed. The question is who’s scarier? The monsters from our nightmares? Or the people among us? That’s for you to decide, and while you ponder what’s real and what isn’t, treat yourself to LA Kushs delicious sativa “Kushberry Cheesecake”. Hands down my favorite sativa on the market, she’s a mesmerizing cross of Alien Moonshine and UK Cheese. It’s exactly the cerebral high you’ll need in order to digest this film and the sinister implications it makes. 

Available to stream on Amazon Prime and Hulu

Interview with the Vampire – Animal Face by Source Cannabis

“Interview with the Vampire” is on here because it’s a classic. Plus, what would Halloween be without any vampires? Nothing, if you ask me! Not to mention you really can’t go wrong with 2 uninterrupted hours of a young Brad Pitt and a Pre-Scientology Tom Cruise. “Interview with the Vampire” might as well be called “I would give up my humanity if it meant being loved by Brad Pitt for an eternity”. That’s without a doubt, just tell me where to sign and who I have to kill. Ruthless, I know. That’s what happens when you watch Tom Cruise play the heartless villain ‘Lestat’ with such ease and charm. There’s blood, but not too much blood, considering it’s a vampire movie. The costumes are absolutely gorgeous, and Kirsten Dunst’s performance as a child vampire is both riveting and petrifying. It’s also just a beautiful love story between undying souls. I definitely recommend watching this movie while smoking “Animal Face” by Source Cannabis. It’s a sweet, anxiety-relieving hybrid that will help calm your nerves, relax your body, and reintroduce you to your appetite. A much needed combination, especially after experiencing the intensity and grotesque lifestyle of century old vampires.

Available to stream on Hulu