TruFlora Take Flights With “Wings” Pre-Rolls

TrūFlora‘s founders, Erica Kay and Carlos De La Torre – owners of Los Angeles dispensary Cornerstone Wellness have over 20 years of experience working with medicinal and recreational customers. TrūFlora is proudly Latinx and female owned, and both owners are dedicated to equitable and sustainable cannabis industry practices as they work to build a conscious cannabis business.

TruFlora’s Wings pre-rolls are an uplifting blend with flow-inspiring herbs that will jet set you back in touch with your adventurous spirit. Southern Humboldt California Cannabis is blended with organic medicinal herbs including Uva Ursi (stimulates the mind and reduces inflammation), Passion Flower (balances mood), Motherwort (promotes relaxation, reduces anxiety), Damiana (boosts mental stamina), Red Raspberry Leaf (relieves pain, calms the nervous system), and Lobelia (aids with breathing issue like asthma and bronchitis) to create an ideal blend for consumers looking to open their minds, supercharge creativity and boost productivity.

The owners have a commitment to the community – Erica Kay’s focus on empowered education and work as a champion of diversity has been a constant theme in her business and community outreach efforts. Erica brings her experience working with underserved communities and her study of psychological health and the power of cannabis to heal trauma to TrūFlora.

Since 2008, TrūFlora co-founder Carlos De La Torre has collaborated closely with state and local government officials and the voters of Los Angeles to help the city craft and pass safe, sensible regulations for the cannabis industry. Erica and Carlos each play a part in giving back to the industry, by sitting on the board for the United Cannabis Business Association (UCBA), and serving as a mentor to other Latinas who are exploring careers in cannabis.